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Applying - All the skills, not enough experience

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Applying - All the skills, not enough experience

Looking at a job board, I found a job where I don't have all of the experience needed according to the job description (I have a year of volunteer experience and all the education needed, the posting asks for 3-5 years), but I do have all of the skills, both the needed ones and the assets, and have a professional site showing all of my work that proves I have all of the skills. Would most hiring managers be willing to overlook my lack of experience if I can so easily prove that I have all of the skills?
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People want to hire the best man (or lady) for the job. 3-5 years experience doesn't necessarily mean somebody is better at the job than you, so I'd definitely apply still. Just emphasize on putting across the skills you have acquired, your site, etc.
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I think it really depends, I've found too many jobs ask for a ridiculous number of years of experience these days. I know I'd pick someone who was qualified who didn't have the full number of years if they were the best candidate.

But that may be a pretty big gap though, only have done a bit of volunteer work, when they are looking for 3-5 years of experience. Depending on the type of work, there is a big difference between just doing some work on your own and knowing the "skills" as opposed to multiple years of doing the work in an actual enterprise environment. At least for IT I know it's a very different ballgame.
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You have nothing to lose by giving it a try..

I've employed people with barely any relevant experience when it was a pre-req - some worked out, some didn't.
Don't let it stop you.
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You can apply to any company for consideration even if there is no job announcement. If they hire you, they may pay you less than the guy with 3-5 yrs experience.
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