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What would you do?

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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What would you do?

What would you do in this situation? (Kinda long, sorry )

I was finally able to leave a job I hated in a place I hated several months ago. I had over 3 yrs experience as a Marketing Analyst specifically and over 4 yrs of marketing experience in total. One of those years was in practically the exact same role for a similar company. I love everything about the job (now back in finance) and the people except for how I low-balled myself (so much so that they offered me $5k more than the high end of what I asked for, but still found out I could have asked for waayyy more but Glassdoor wasn't accurate).

The new role I took on recently is as a Marketing Analyst. At my previous jobs, it was not a junior role but at this company it is and I only found out AFTER I started. Although my salary jumped 40% higher than my last role, I went from west coast to NYC so cost of living is higher and I found out I left up to $18.5k on the table (I got a little nervous because I didn't want to seem unrealistic in expectation/get ruled out since my previous role wasn't well paid and the other places I interviewed with was in the range I stated as well). Turns out, they have pay bands and I would be very qualified to be in the much higher end of my band. They were also very desperate for help which means I had greater negotiation power. They recently hired another Marketing Analyst on a sister team and I overheard one of the people who also interviewed me as well saying, "she totally would be qualified to be a senior manager" and I have more experience than she does! I made friends with another Marketing Analyst too with no experience whatsoever and she made $5k more than me.

I am thinking to push to skip two levels (senior manager) within a year. My manager already asked me what I see myself doing next and we are encouraged to network with other teams/departments. The next level for me would be manager but right now there are senior managers with less experience than myself. The lowest position I should have started on my experience is a manager. The thing is they generally want someone to be in their role for at least 18 months before applying to another role; laterally or promotion wise. My manager said I've shocked her at how quickly I learned and picked up on everything and I'm already teaching her some things and she constantly gives positive feedback. I have seen some people promoted within a year though. But then there are others who've been analyst for years.

I'm learning a lot of in demand technical programs so I am thinking to stay for about year to at least have some great quantifiable accomplishments, learn the programs that give me a more competitive advantage, and hone some new skills. I'd just move on to a direct competitor if it seemed like a drag to skip two levels within a year. Many have done this and came back after. I am not going to have 6 yrs experience and still be on a junior level within the context of the company. That's illogical to me and counterproductive. I'd much rather apply to a competitor and make at least $40-65k more. What would you do?
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