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Interpretation of "Small stepping stone" idom directed at me...???

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Interpretation of "Small stepping stone" idom directed at me...???

A while older colleague/coworker I used to work with said to me: "This will probably be a small stepping stone for you".

He was not my "direct supervisor/boss" perse as he had his own group of subordinates. But...the way the work environment was structured and organized in this field/industry...I am "still obligated" to talk and relate to him as a superior when it came to work related stuff.

He is WAY older than me. I had only been working there for about 2-3 years and I was 25/26 and he was in his early 60's. He retired about a year later and someone else took his position.

He was instructing/teaching me something related to work and it was not a long conversation...probably about 5 mins or something. The vibe was light hearted, formal and direct.

But...after he was done instructing me...he said in a light hearted even tone...but in a direct kind of way: "This will probably be a small stepping stone for you".

To this day...I am still confused and a little bewildered as to:
1. "Why" he said this...and
2. His "Intentions" by saying relation to my past, age, personal growth and emotional well being.

My interpretation: I interpreted his phrase in a "negative way". Meaning...that if I stayed long enough in that job...I would eventually come to figure out my place among society and would eventually learn how, when and where to learn to grow as a person.

I left this job after 5 years of employment because it was draining me physically, emotionally and mentally. I basically got "burned out". I felt guilty because I wasn't pulling my weight and in the end felt like I was there for the wrong reasons and was hurting myself and my coworkers/colleagues/bosses.
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I like that interpretation! We each gain moments in our jobfields where we do a task and later down the road it serves a skill or future task. Unsure why you perceive that comment as a negative. Do you not wish to grow in skills and knowledge? No one knows the gents true meaning except him, can only give an interpretations based on what was conveyed in post. And yes we each do have a place in society, the great thing is... We get to decide where we put ourselves. Even a non conformist has a place, rather interesting when ya think about it.
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Its not so much that I did not want to improve my life or grow as a person.

Its just that...At the time...I felt like I was at the wrong place, at the wrong time (job, life and emotional growth all at the same time).

So when he directed that quote at me...I immediately thought of it in a negative way...meaning that I would eventually come to learn something about my life, society and personal growth that is in "reality" sad, negative or disappointment that I would never learn if I have never took the job/position.

BASICALLY I interpreted his saying or INTENTIONS as:

I could never be what I want and that my dreams and ambitions are just that...dreams and that I should get my "head out of the clouds" and come back down to earth where real life is and stop trying to be what I want/immature/a kid.

Basically saying...that in "due time"...I would eventually become smart and old enough to understand "society" and my place in it and its situations, norms and customs that I have no control or power over and that I should just "give up" on what I want to be and that I should be a mature adult just like everyone else.

Basically saying...that "LIFE IS NOT FAIR" and that I should just stop being what I want and just accept what "fate" has given me and try and do my best with it and just go with it.

Basically saying...that "I have no choice". That I should give up to my fate and stop trying to make my destiny.

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Of which brings us to the topic of "fate" and "destiny".

Which one do you believe in...???
Which one do you believe you should follow in...???
Which one is more powerful...???
Which one would you believe to lead you to happiness and a sense of fulfillment in life...???
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