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Co-workers indifferent towards my layoff

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Co-workers indifferent towards my layoff

On my last day of work I was informed I wasn't able to stay the full shift and had to leave at lunchtime. I did nothing wrong according to the temp agency I worked for. She said they loved my work and that I was laid off because there wasn't enough work, which at times there wasn't. There were 4 other people in my department doing the same thing I was.

Anyway, I worked 2nd shift, and instead of the company calling the agency and letting them know they wouldn't need my services anymore, they let me come in, only for the dept manager to call the supervisor to tell me I had to leave at lunchtime. I was prepared to stay the whole shift and do a good job because I needed the money.

I don't know what the managers problem was or why he wouldn't let me stay the full shift, unless he thought I would just sit and goof off all night because it was my last night, but I wouldn't do that.

He told the supervisor over the phone to walk me out. I sat down with the supervisor who is really a good guy and he talk to me on a personal level about what was going on with the company. He said they were bringing over an additional 11 people from another facility and that more temps in addition to myself would be let go. A week before all the permanent employees (and managers) were offered severance packages. So they are downsizing. I got along well with the dept manager and don't understand why if I did a good job and was just being let go for lack of work, why he would let me come in only to work half a shift, then tell the supervisor to walk me out.

On top of it when I left most of the co-workers I was friendly with were shocked to hear it was my last night, but were nowhere to be found at lunchtime when I left, even though I had told them earlier that I was leaving at lunch. Why is that? Why does there always seem to be some kind of stigma that goes along with being laid off that makes people treat you like a leper? Is it because they know they're never going to see you again and just don't want to bother? Or is it because they look at you as if you did something wrong and they try to distance themselves from you? It's weird because when I left I almost felt shunned. How can people who you're friends with on the job just turned around and not even bother to say goodbye? Even this one lady I was very good friends with on 1st shift. I have her on my facebook page and everything. I wrote her a paragraph on the chat about what had happened and all I got back from her was 'Sorry to hear it John, be safe and be happy'.

I was like, 'Is that it? 'WTH'? I still have her as a friend. I just don't understand the short and sweet message instead of talking about what happened.

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Given that they are downsizing, they are probably worried about themselves losing their job, so their focus is on that. Co workers are usually just that, coworkers, not friends you hang out with on your spread free time. You are forced to be together because of work.
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I have experienced very similar situations. It lacked rhyme and reason as to why people act strangely upon departure from a job. Bottom line, people are strange. Don't let it get you down. Don't give it a second thought, don't dwell on it. Onward and forward friend.
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Anyone losing their job for any reason is terrifying to everyone else at some level and they distance themselves. It's just human nature, nothing personal.
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They didn't let you work the whole shift because of financial reasons (most likely). They are looking to cut back and you working the full shift isn't cutting back. At least you were able to work a few hours vs being called and told not to come in.

Additionally, during layoffs, employees are discouraged from making a big scene when someone is let go. Many times, the employees staying do not know what to say "see ya soon", "don't worry, you'll find something", etc.

I don't think any of the former co-workers meant to hurt you -- but remember also , they are looking out for themselves (which is not a bad thing).

I'm sorry you are hurting. Hopefully, something better comes along.... I try to live by the saying "when one door closes, another one opens".
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Thanks all, I appreciate your responses.
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Good luck and I hope you find something else very soon!!!
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