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Disrespectful lying bosses

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Disrespectful lying bosses

How should I proceed in going forward in a work relationship with a boss who disrespects and lies when I ask questions?
1) He never gives me assignments. I am responsible for finding my own work and report what I'm doing in weekly one on one meetings.
2) When he does assign work he recalls it two weeks later and tells me someone else is going to do it. By this point, I've contacted the teams, gotten access to things needed to complete said assignment and committed to those teams. I usually go on and complete the work anyway as I've made the commitment to a bunch of people and don't want to lose their respect.
3) Told me on Monday, that I was expert in the field and they would be up a creek if I left. They were going to hire someone new to take over my duties. When I asked what I would be doing he wouldn't give me much of answer.
4) he approached one of the teams I'm committed to and told them the new girl would be working on that not me. They told him, that wasn't going to happen and that I would remain on the project.
5) Raise letters went out yesterday. When I asked him about raises on Monday, he that the company had a soft quarter and that no raise this year was better than a layoff. Well we just hired 7 new people in our department and several others went to training in Vegas. Why didn't he just tell me that since I cast commit to 70+ per week like some of the other employees that I would not be getting a raise.
6) my yearly review was good and he offered no areas for improvement.
I have to meet him weekly and honestly have nothing left to say to him. If he can't be up front and honest than I feel any future meetings are a waste of productive work time. How do I proceed in dealing with him and his boss who is exhibiting the same cowardly behavior. I want to transfer to another department but they have not allowed me to so in the past. I am documenting our meetings and maintaining a good work ethic while in office.
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are you an indentured slave?

if you aren't being treated with respect, allow your boss the opportunity to mistreat someone else and take your valuable skills and contributions elsewhere.

companies and poor leaders wont learn as long as people allow themselves to be mistreated.
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