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should i contact my professor?

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should i contact my professor?

So madness broke lose in my professional world recently. i must admit is partly my fault as i should have kept my mouth shut but here its what happened.

A few friends from my doctorate cohort and i went out to celebrate a friends birthday with dinner and a couple of drinks. earlier in the semester a particular colleague had an issue with a friend of mine. The way she handled the issue, from my and others point of view was completely unprofessional (instead of discussing it with her she went straight to the faculty and basically labeled her as racist) .
This woman showed up to the the celebration and began to talk about what my friend "did" to her. My other friend basically called her out on her behavior, and i agreed. we got into a heated discussion where my friend and i tried to explain a better way that she could have gotten what she wanted. She wouldnt hear it and finally the girl whom we were celebrated intervened. Anyway we basically agreed to disagree and moved on

....or so we thought.

the next day my friend who got into the argument with the lady and i woke up to a facebook message by a friend of the lady, saying how wrong we were for chastising the woman and saying that i put my fingers "all up on her face" which definitely was not true.
Anyway i simply responded that i would not discuss this with the her but that if the woman whom i got into the argument with wanted to say something that she could talk to me.
My friend actually agreed to meet with both of them and they basically shamed her for not subscribing to their beliefs and behaviors given that they are the same race. On top of that my friend heard the woman bringing this issue up to an important member of the faculty.

So now my issue is that i have a very good relationship with that faculty member and i would hate to see it damaged because of this nonesense. I am wondering if i should talk to her about it to clear the air or just let it go since she is so busy and this is probably the least of her concerns.

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Since it has nothing to do with your program, I would suggest that you leave faculty out of it unless you are asked about what happened.
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