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Keep options close to the belt?

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Keep options close to the belt?

I'm in a position that I have not been in very often in my life, and definitely not in my later professional career and I'm curious what people would suggest.

About 2 weeks ago I was asked to come to an out-of-state onsite interview for a position which I had already done a phone interview for (scheduled for next week). That was cool, arrangements were made, and now I wait. But yesterday I received a call from another place I had already done a phone interview for and was invited to come there exactly one week after the other one. So, double cool.

It might be worth noting that I don't believe in being the meek job seeker who is desperate for a job... please like me... please like me. I truly interview the employer as well and am not afraid to admit a situation where I may not be a good fit for whatever reason. What I am curious about, though is how I should play my hand if the first interview goes really well. If I were to get an offer while I was there, I would likely tell them that I have another interview in a week and I will give them my response after that unless what they can offer me is truly unique). If I don't get an offer while I'm there, and it goes very well, does anyone think that I should somehow make an explicit attempt to play the "other interview card" to make them maybe a little anxious? Or is it best to just play nice and keep my mouth shut and only worry about it if I have more than one offer (assuming I actually like the prospect of working at both places)?
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I'm curious about what others think.

I was/am in the same situation. I have got the offer from the first place and have now had an interview at the second place. I am pretty sure that I will get an offer too. However, I already verbally accepted the offer from the first place (pretty much my dream job) and I read that even verbal acceptance is legally binding. The only advantage of the second place is location but job itself is not as good of a fit with my long term career goals.

I kept my mouth shut and didn't tell interviewers anything. I followed that old saying "if in doubt don't". Perhaps I should have played it differently?
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