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Starting a new stressful job - The Transition

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Starting a new stressful job - The Transition

So, right now I work in a Physical Therapy office at the front desk. It's been a fairly low stress job. I love the people and over all it's been the best job I've ever had, BUT it didn't pay enough for me. With no room to grow or any advancement, I was forced to find a new job.

And I did. At a surgeon's office that pays more, has more benefits and room to grow. They will even pay for me to go back to school. But with more money, comes more stress.

How does one handle the stress of a new job, the transition and learning a whole new process?

My heart rate has become faster, I've had more shortness of breath and just overall anxiety. Will I succeed? Can I handle the stress of this new job? Before my current job, I had a high stress job working with twelve doctors and was able to handle it, but also started having heart problems from it.

I guess having xanax and klonopin on hand always helps.
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Try and keep your mental and physical health up and have healthy ways which you can vent off the pressures that could develop. Too much stress can be a very heavy burden on you and on your personal life as well. It helps to really like the people you work with and non work related topics you can talk about to make some friends or at least pleasant acquaintances there. If you have a very performance driven work environment where you need to produce at certain levels, then handling the non-people related stress is also very important. In previous work I had a very stressful fast-paced engineering job, where I was working 70 plus hours at work and more because I was also taking the work/projects home fairly often, week in a week out. I didn't eat well, drank bourbon, didn't get to exercise as much with the exception of a few light morning jogs, and the only thing that seemed to be good was having someone beside me (at the time) that really cared about and loved me. So, on many levels I would recommend doing something you love if you have the opportunity to do so money barring. If this is your opportunity to move up, then take it at that and learn ways to improve how you handle stress for you.

Breathing exercises (while at work) would have helped me more. Also healthy alternatives such as, exercise, eating healthy, yoga, hot baths, relaxing trips with a SO on the weekends, basically anything that allows you when you are away from work to be in THAT moment and not stuck on work. I have no experience in dealing with anxiety drugs like xanax or klonopin if that is a good option; maybe ask the doctor you will be working with. Don't take work related things too personal, and if you can avoid it, leave work at work, and everything will be just fine!
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