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Temp agency

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Temp agency

So, while I am i between jobs, and since my money is coming to an abrupt end, I have decided I really need a day job. A temp day job.

So a friend suggested a temp agency that she has also worked for when in between acting jobs. Great.

My issue is... I have absolutely NO professional experience working in an office. Apart from working for my aunt when I was in high school, while they were organising a big conference, I have literally no experience.

So, I'm stumped as to what kind of CV to send... My career CV has loads of jobs and skills that would have no bearing on this kind of work... And my "day job" CV has very very little and what little there is is in hospitality and retail.

So, should I just bite the bullet and send my regular CV, no matter how innappropriate? Or should I send my "day job" CV and maybe include my 3 weeks of helping organise a conference, by sending stuffing loads and loads of envelopes??
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A temp agency isn't limited to office jobs.

Perhaps you could call (or contact) the agency. Let them know of all your experience and ask how they would want your resume submitted, or the portions they would be interested in.
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A lot of temp agencies are geared towards office work, but I've found that other's contact me after seeing my resume on job websites. I've found that there isn't too much in my field using temp agencies. Even my husband has a year of experience and they said he "didn't have enough office skills" for them to help him. If you are looking for retail work, you may have an easier time finding something more directly.
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