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Colleagues voice makes me want to rip my ear drums out..

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Old 5th March 2014, 3:41 PM   #1
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Colleagues voice makes me want to rip my ear drums out..

If I were to say her voice reminded me of a crow singing, I'd be offending the crow.

I can't take it anymore!

The high pitch squeaks, the awkward clearing of the throat, the witch like chuckle, the stupid 'arrrrs', the cringe worthy lonely 'I live with my 14 cats' conversations with clients.

My other colleagues all think the same, however somehow they are able to block her out. I can't do it, her voice pierces through my concentration and ignites my ear drums.

Is there anything I can do without causing too much of an issue?
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Old 5th March 2014, 6:31 PM   #2
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There's nothing you can do about it as in speaking to her about her voice. She can't help it, it's her voice.

Buy ear plugs or quit your job. Those seem like your only options...
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Old 5th March 2014, 8:42 PM   #3
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I find the accents of some of my female South African colleagues to be the fingernails on a blackboard!!
I've learnt to switch off, like your workmates. It does take time though!
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Old 5th March 2014, 9:44 PM   #4
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are you allowed to wear headphones on your job? even in just one ear? I've done this with success
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Old 14th March 2014, 12:21 AM   #5
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I do that too! I would love to plug both ear holes for the rest of my career. Life in a call center is like that...
the customers and clients are bad enough, but then I have a bellowing creature right over the cube wall from me.
Why do the people with the least to say, talk the most? And in the most irritating voice as well?
"Feminism is the radical notion that women are people." (Rebecca West)
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Old 14th March 2014, 5:18 PM   #6
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Look at your reactions.

You can let this all ride over you if you assume a different behaviour.

If you change your behaviour your attitude will change.

Don't give it head room.
It's not worth it.
The only one suffering is you.

She is just who she is. She isn't deliberately trying to annoy anyone.
You though are homing in on it (and maybe enjoying the annoyance?).
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