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Having a hard time securing part time employment.

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Having a hard time securing part time employment.

Hey everyone,

I'm currently looking for part time employment to have on the side to my full time office job. I've been applying to mostly retail jobs since I worked in fashion retail/customer service while in university (and because I enjoy retail and need something nonstressful, as my day job can be stressful), and figure my experience will be enough to find something.

Well I've had two interviews last week, both went well, but I haven't heard back from either of them! Both of the interviewers seemed to like me and smiled/nodded in agreement with me a lot. So I figured that I was bound to get one of these jobs! Boy I'm wrong.

Both employers were aware that I have a full time job and said they were fine with it since I'm available evenings and weekends (a more crucial time for retail anyway). So what's the problem? Both employers were hiring multiple people for their stores, I just don't understand how I can't be one of them?

I don't want to come across as sounding entitled, but I feel like I deserve the job! My mom and friends say that the interviewers probably think I'm overqualified or think I won't take the job seriously since I'm not in dire need of a second job (I just want to pay off my student loans and save money faster). If anything though, I'd probably be more reliable than students/teenagers who will call in sick for anything (sorry teens, nothing against you, and i know not all of you are like that). And I'm still young (25) and trendy, so it has nothing to do with not being cool enough.

What do you guys think went wrong?
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