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Companies full of GOssipers are not good, how do i find other type of Company

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Companies full of GOssipers are not good, how do i find other type of Company

Many companies are full of women who gossip nonstop and who think you're stupid if you're not the same.

I am a slow/quiet person and i don't gossip. I"m tired of coworkers and bosses at work teasing me and thinking i'm stupid just cause i don't gossip.

Now i'm unemployed because they laid me off because didn't like me for not gossiping and being a talker.

So i'm looking for work but i dont want to end up in a gossipy company. Are there any places where they dont require you to be a gossiper?

My last company was a medical/medical research place and it seems in all medical places, all the women are chatty and gossip types.
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I'm sorry you are going through this but I think your expectations are too high to believe that gossiping is limited to certain types of companies.

It is prevalent in all walks of life and all types of work. That is part of human nature and exists everywhere.

I would take a hard look at why you were really fired because I doubt it was because you wouldn't gossip.

And gossiping is not limited to females, either.
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So on your termination papers that is how they worded it? Employee doesnt gossip lets lay them off! (Now doesnt that sound silly when you read it?).

I think the economics along with various factors led to this decision.

I think your projection and endurance of being in a gossip driven environment may have led your mind to such a conclusion though.

My workplace is filled with gossip! Its actually a form of humor if you can imagine! Starting rumours just to see how outlandish they are til they get back to a group is comical to say the least.

Anyhows, bottom line is maybe a library or a job that doesnt require other associates in your area would be best suited for your career environment.
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