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my coworker's poor work is really upsetting!

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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my coworker's poor work is really upsetting!

I work at a small newspaper. One of my tasks is to help the news editor look over selected pages for grammar, spelling and phrasing/usage. Tonight, someone noticed that no one proofread the business pages. Our business editor overlooked at least 60 errors in his two pages. He used all pre-written stories and typed in word-for-word an association's newsletter (he named himself as the author). he had not done a quality job.

I told my editor I knew I shouldn't feel upset about it, but that I couldn't look at it any longer and was going home (I was OT at that point). He said, "You're marking up the pages like you're upset. I think you are upset because you don't like the man behind this work." I told him, "No, I'm upset because I know I can do a better job." It is true I don't think he fits in at our paper and I notice he talks to friends on his cell phone a lot (I sit at the next desk). But I think this is more important. He obviously doesn't take pride in his work. I believe I could do better. Of course, I brought this up to my boss. His answer (I guess) was to give me a 48-cent raise.

I know it shouldn't care what other people do as long as I'm doing my job the best I can. But I feel like it's partly my responsibility if I'm supposed to help edit someone else's work. It makes me feel depressed when it's like, they don't care.... why should I... but I do! also I am worried about myself! I notice myself getting short or sarcastic with certain people. I'm going in later and later to work, I don't like to stay there as long or do as much. I don't know how to overlook this, or what to do now.
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It can be a real struggle to reconcile one's work ethic with the very different work ethics of others in the workplace, particularly when people who seem to be less dedicated still are given rewards, promotions, and are allowed to proceed uncorrected. It appears the way to cope is to detach yourself from caring about the quality of the work. Sounds stupid, I know, but you end up working yourself into knots and losing interest in the job if you care so much that you burn out from frustration.
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