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Why only 2 responses to my boss cant stand me??

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Why only 2 responses to my boss cant stand me??

Its been a week only 2 responses. What gives??? I need help !! Please.
FYI I posted "My boss can't stand me" and only received 2 responses. I
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I believe that some of the reasons no one has posted too much about your situation, is, because A) People have been in this situation, and their isn't allot of advice that can be given - especially if your boss definitely doesn't like you or B) People haven't been in this situation and don't want to give you bad advice that could cost you your job.

I am of the (A) category, and I did not post on this thread because it reminds me of how much anger baggage I still carry from a previous boss who hated me, and did everything he could to make me miserable and leave. Rather then let him win, I chose to stay on for 3 years and fight him every step of the way, and did my damndest to make sure that his bosses knew how incompetent he was. This did two things: It eventually cost him his job (and gave me my first arch nemesis who will forever try to block me from working at his current employer) and two, it left me very cynical and bitter after going through that. I would definitely not recommend that someone head down that path. You win and you lose. I cost him his job, but now he is a permanently burned bridge, if I ever happen to apply wherever he is working at the time. My industry is very small - and too many burned bridges can kick you out of my field very quickly.

So, what are you to do? I'm not really sure I can give you advice on the situation, as I haven't ever experienced a way to get out from under it, without either submitting and becoming a soulless worker bee (which is not in my personality to do) or quit. I chose to fight it, and my example shows what can happen if you do that.

Good luck! Maybe you can spend time pursuing interests you have outside of work, to help take your mind off your frustrations?
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