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Hostility at to handle?

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Old 25th January 2010, 1:02 PM   #1
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Hostility at to handle?

I'm fairly new on the job...Started in November..Nothing glamorous,just typical cashiering retail crap...The store has needed to cut alot of hours recently, but I am the only cashier who didn't get hours cut. I'm hella grateful for that, and by no means complaining at all. I was hired in at more money than the other cashiers, and was told that if I did well, there was a potential supervisory position with my name on it. (I did not reveal any of this to co workers...) Not to toot my own horn, but I am kickin major butt there, and am now kinda half training to put some hours in back in the receiving department.

The other cashiers are treating me rather poorly...It's passive aggressive, gossippy bs most of the time, but it's creating an unpleasant work environment. I know it's because I haven't lost hours...And I haven't lost hours because I work hard (that's my guess, anyways)..Most other people spend the day socializing and gossipping about each other. I'm there to work, not make friends..While I do my share of socialization with my coworkers, it's not nearly as much as others. Example: Often, several cashiers and supervisors stand around chatting, while I'm answering the phone, ringing customers, doing returns, etc...I know other managers in the store think I'm a good worker, and the store manager keeps droppin hints of a promotion if I "keep it up." He just had me train another manager the other day...and I'm the newest person on staff.

When they ask me why I didn't lose hours (They tell me my schedule before I even have a chance to look at it, cos they are publicly posted) I just shrug and say I don't know...I don't make the schedule. I've noticed several times they will try and manipulate me to get me in trouble...I can see past that, and don't fall for it..I've had many jobs, and being a Psychology and Sociology major, I'm pretty damn good at diffusing people and seeing through the bs. Usually, I can handle it, but now I'm running out of tacful ways to curb the drama...

I know there's not a final statement I can make to shut them all up, but does anyone have any advice on how to handle? These girls act all friendly to me, then go and twist my words and just create problems. Maybe they're trying to get me out of there...that will never happen, but I don't really want to go to management and say "They don't like me." Kinda lame, yanno? Anyone ever experience anything similar?
If nothing can be done, we'll make the best of what's around.
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I'm not sure there *is* a right answer for your question, because human nature being what it is, people would rather snipe at someone for being the "problem" because it means they can avoid taking a good look at themselves.

best thing to do is continue to be an efficient, productive, courteous employee. If anyone kvetches, kill them with kindness. And keep killing them with kindness by being polite. Either they'll catch on and see that they're being petty in their behavior, or they'll continue to a point where they work themselves out of a job. At which point, neither has anything to do with you, you know?
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That's a great point. I kinda knew that already, but it was lost back in the mire of my memory....It's funny, everyone asks if I hate my job and when I say no, they say "you will." I'm sure that attitude is reflecting in the quality of their work....And I'm one to always put forth all my effort in any job. (this store is the biggest of 8, has the best sales, and the largest selection...there's opportunity for movement here..)

The whole schedule thing ticks me off tho. I know I can't really do anything about it, but I just have the urge to get catty when they come to me about it...It's like give me a chance to see my own schedule before you harsh me about it.

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What Quank said is highly apt..

Just be yourself and dont fall for the drama. As the old American Indian saying goes.. 'If you sit by the river long enough you willl see the bodies of your enemies float by'.

A bit graphic and extreme.. but true.

Try not to take it personally. By the sounds of it you are doing a really good job. I hope you have at least one genuine colleague at work.

Take care,
Eve xx
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Based on your post, you've got it all together; integrity, maturity and professionalism far beyond those around you. The best thing to do is exactly as described in your responses above; keep your head up and take the high road. Things have a way of working themselves out, I am sure they will...
"Life is like a box of chocolates... You never know what your gonna get!" - Forrest Gump
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