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General question about looking job

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General question about looking job

my brother already sent more than 60 applications for IT companies last 2 months , but my brother only recieved 2 postcards which seems polite. That's all. My brother's education is only college degree..and his studying has been stopped for while because of financial . By the way,

1. What the quality can a foreign get the job in US really?

2. What kind of the jobs will he be looking for beside IT ?

thank you!
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Re: General question about looking job

Originally posted by Dodo

What the quality can a foreign get the job in US really?
Are you asking if a foreigner can get a quality job in the US? As long as your brother has all the paperwork to legally work in America, then the fact he's a foreigner shouldn't make much difference. He should be able to land a job consistent with his skillset and personality... but in the IT industry he'll have to compete with a lot of qualified applicants for any advertised position.

I work in the IT industry too (even though my education was largely unrelated to my job), and what your brother is doing sounds similar to what a lot of people go through when they first start looking -- namely firing off poorly targeted applications to every compatible job posting. As any IT recruiter could tell you, this almost never works. Positions advertised in the newspaper or on job boards like typically garner thousands of applications... and without something to set your brother's application apart there's no particular reason why his would even be looked at, never mind accepted.

Most people get IT jobs through their personal "network"... relatives, friends, and friends of friends who work in or know someone who works in the industry, and can point out new jobs and help them with the application process. It also helps to have one or more in-demand or hard-to-find skills, to have an eye-catching professional-looking resume, and to have a portfolio on the internet to showcase your IT skills (I landed many interviews as a direct result of my portfolio, so I know the idea works).

Try browsing the web sites of a few IT recruiting companies in your area. They may not be able to help your brother find a job directly (IT recruiters are usually not interested in entry-level positions), but every recruiter I've seen has one or more sections on "successful job search strategies" and the like. It's a good place to start. Also a lot of communities have local offices that help people with this kind of thing, usually for free. Your brother can get a lot of helpful advice that way.

Also, make sure your brother is applying for jobs he's qualified for. What do you mean when you say his "education is only college degree"? You make that sound bad. Do you mean "college" in the American sense, which is basically synonymous with "university", or do you mean it more as "community college" or "trade school"? Is he applying for sophisticated jobs as a software engineer, or hardware-oriented tech support jobs, or artistic jobs as a web designer or graphic artist... ? Just make sure the jobs he's applying for are consistent with his abilities, and that he has some way to demonstrate those abilities! It's for this reason in particular that a portfolio can come in handy. Without demonstrable ability in some area no IT company is going to give him the time of day.

I hope that helps some.
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