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Help, faast!!!

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Help, faast!!!


Well, a few weeks ago I asked for a raise. I didn't get anywhere close to want I want, it worked out to about $30 bucks extra each pay check. Pretty embarrassing, eh? Well since my "big increase" my boss and other managers have though that now I should be given even MORE work to do! Yesterday, I was asked to do somebody elses job, on top of what I already do, so they can move up , or whatever. I told her I'd think about it. I really dont think that is fair. Since my ****ty raise, I have been given 3 major projects extra to work on, and then this!!!!
They are in the office next to me right now talking about it (i can hear them) . They are discussing what I will be doing, and how to approach me today about it! I want to say " No way, thats totally unfair!" But how do I say it in a nice way that will justify getting the raise that I wanted! And how do I turn them down??????
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have a backup

Look for another job, and when you've found it, then make your move.

Tell them, IN WRITING, that you want THIS amount. You need to explain to them why you want that amount and why you are needed by them. Let them know all that you do for them, and exactly why you deserve a better raise.

Also, let them know about the previous raise, and how that really wasn't what you were expecting.

I did this at my current job. I listed all the things that I do in the job, and made it seem like I was essential to the company's success. It works! If they depend on you, you need to let them know that you depend on getting back something from them, a bigger pay check.

Don't be afraid to state what you want, instead of asking. Also be sure to mention the increased workload!

*** You could also try the letter thing without looking for a new job. That is really not essential as it seems the company needs you. Companies never let go of someone they need, and they make sure they will make you happy. Go for it!

Good Luck
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Show them

So you told them you would think about it! Now when you have to either accept another raise to take on more responsibility or you have to throw your hands up in the air at them and tell them you need help. That they need to dump some of the work load on the some of the others.

A friend of mine was telling that when she goes to work she sits and talks on the phone most of the day to friends or takes a couple hours for lunch and nobody even knows it. She told her boss to take some of the load off her and they did. Now she don't do shi~ when she got someone else to do it. She would be better at giving the advice.

Sounds to me like because you went to them for a raise they want to see how far they can push you. Its your call!
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Maybe you should look in the mirror....

YOU ASK: "But how do I say it in a nice way that will justify getting the raise that I wanted! And how do I turn them down??????"

I think the nicest way is to go find another job. It's very obvious that you will never make it big in this company, at least not to your standards. It's also obvious that this company is looking out for itself and considers you overpaid to the point where you will be given additional tasks for each dollar you are raised.

The best thing you can do is resign.

Companies generally exist to make the most profit for owners and stockholders. They do not exist to make workers rich. They never have.

Now, if you can come up with some agressive strategies that will substantially enhance your company's bottom line, I suggest you make a deal with will reveal these strategies for a preagreed upon price.

I don't think this company considers you a valuable asset at this time. It is probably due to their warped attitude...but only YOU and the company officials would know that.

If I were your boss, I would terminate you for posting on an Internet forum while you were clocked in and on company time. They have obviously been monitoring your Internet activities and have noticed you have some extra time on your hands you could be using for extra projects.

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go out and buy your bosses or another manager "Thank you" card and gift

when you do that, they will change their perspective about you

and eventually, they will not let you work hard

they are in the STAGE of giving you more works because you ask for raise

since you asked for a raise, they properly think that you should DESERVE more RESPONSIBILITY

you don't normally ask for a raise in a company. They will give it to you if they feel that you DESERVE it

if buying gift and being friendly with boss and everybody else in your company doesn't work, DO YOU HAVE ANOTHER RESUME OR COVER LETTER READY TO SEND ?

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