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My boss is a spy

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Old 7th May 2002, 8:53 AM   #1
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My boss is a spy

My boss is constantly checking over peoples sholders, walking up and down the hall to monitor where people are, looking at what is printed on the printer, etc. He is driving me crazy! His behavior is controling and he is rude on top of it. Everyone makes fun of him behind his back. The problem is we hate each other. What to do? How can you get along when you hate one another. Luckily he treats everyone rudly not just me. How can we learn to get along. He has been my boss for 2 years. I have only really had to report to him for 8 months because my old boss just had me report directly to her because she knew we hated each other. She has left the company now and I am stuck w/ him again. Thanks.
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There are buttholes everywhere....

No matter where you work, you will find a person or two who can make your life miserable if you let them.

You only have two (legal) choices here, maybe three. One is to adjust your thoughts so you don't allow your boss' conduct to affect you adversely. One way to do this is to develop a sense of humor. Every time you see him, imagine a walking pile of cow manure. When he is talking to you, imagine the cow manure is talking to you.

Do what the manure is your boss...but when it is not around you you will have a smile on your face and you will not take him so seriously.

The other option is to go find another job and risk working for a worse butthole than the one your with now.

Other possible options are work hard to get your boss promoted to another area of the building or another region of your company. You could also call your former boss at her new workplace and see if there are any openings. If she liked you, maybe she'll help you get on at her new company.

There is no reason to let this guy make you miserable at your workplace. Actually, he doesn't have the power to do so. You have the power to let him. As long as you are working at your current job, your best bet is to learn to enjoy him looking over your shoulder, checking on you, etc.

Perhaps if you ask him for suggestions, or ask him how he thinks you are doing...each time he comes around, you'll get on his nerves and he won't visit your work station so often.

You could spray him in the face with mace or pepper spray. That would certainly keep him away...but it may be against company policy or local laws. Check on that before you consider doing such. Maybe sneezing directly into his face will do the trick.
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I Would Just Treat Like Hes My Best Friend

Be rude right along with him. Be an ******* buddy with him.
Try to get along with him on his level. Ive known people like him, while all the other co workers are intimidated, you have to be the opposite. Be his friend, invite him over for a bar b que, or find out what he enjoys, find something you have in common.

If your unable to brake the ice around him, I would find another department or find his mistakes and turn into a total *ithc.

But every place has an *******, I have traveled and have worked in many fields, they do exist everywhere.

Good Luck
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Boss spy

My boss is exactly the same. Micro manages her staff. It sucks, and above all, annoying. You feel like she doesn't trust you enough. Well do you know what I do??

When I see out of the corner of my eye her peering ouot at me, I turn around and stare straight at her. Two can play at her rude game. I will continue to hold a stare until she leaves. Not a nice stare, not a rude stare, just a stare. I almost mimick her. It works, she gets nervous, knowing I've caught on to her, and cowardly smiles and walks away.
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