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coworker driving me nuts!!

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coworker driving me nuts!!

ok so i work in an office with all older women. A couple of months ago a girl started who was close to my age. She is 22 and I am 24. I was put in charge of training her so we spent alot of time together and became friends. She is a sweet girl and and having her at work makes it a lot less dull.

So what is the problem??? Well the part of the office I handle is way behind because we are understaffed and induated with more paperwork daily. I am always working as fast as I can but i NEVER am left with nothing to do because as soon as one stack leaves my desk another arrives. I'm not complaining because it keeps me from getting bored. My friend's job however has alot less work involved and so often she gets done with her work. Although for the record there are still lots of stuff she could do to get ahead.

Anyways sorry if i went off rambling for a moment there. So my friend will come to my desk numerous times during the day complaining of how bored she is and wants to talk to me about completely random and un-work related things. Not only does this keep my from my mountains of work but I also sit right across from the assistant boss and i dont like her seeing me chatting on the job when i have tons of work to do!

so how do i politely tell her my issues without being rude or unfriendly? Also if she is so bored would it be rude to ask her to help me with my work? I have suggested a few times but she never really says anything back just keeps talking!

Any ideas????
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Not rude at all to ask her to help. Next time she says she's bored say - "wow really, I'm swamped, want to take some of this load?"

Afterall you were tasked with training her, so why not teach her some of the stuff you do? If she doesn't like it I can assure you at the very least she won't come over to your desk when she's bored next time.
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Good Idea courious
And zoe do you make more money than her? Thats probably whats going on in her head,or mabey she feels like what you are doing is none of her bussiness. I probably would feel like i wouldnt want to barge in on your projects,But I would at least ask if ya need help.

Yes great idea ask her if she would like to help take a load off of you,or we can do this together what do you think?

I hope it works out for you,seems like your in a good spot.

Have a good day k
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