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Style or comfort?

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Old 20th February 2019, 4:21 PM   #1
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Style or comfort?

What is more important to you when you choose clothes and accessories - how they look or how they feel?

It will be great if you include gender and age group, I'm curious how it differs between generations.
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Old 20th February 2019, 4:38 PM   #2
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Feel / Comfort - 100% comfortable & inexpensive clothing, please. (although I won't wear ripped clothing out in public)

Age: 53 (Male)
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Old 20th February 2019, 5:01 PM   #3
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Well.....most often, neither is the primary concern. Function is. That does usually put more a priority on comfort, but not always. When I used to work in habitat restoration and wildlife, there were certain things that only could be so comfy ....very long and stiff snake boots for example. For the lab, it is comfort as long as it serves safety function, and the lab coat covers the rest. PPEs for volatile compounds,..I care more that they work.

Off work, I like a medium level of style for town, and comfort for the trails and outdoor endeavors.

I am 30s age woman.
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Old 20th February 2019, 10:19 PM   #4
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Ha yeah in some cases function is a priority, my lab coat is also not particularly stylish or comfortable but serves it's function lol.

For street though I'm usually picking items to enhance how i look, not to feel good at - notorious example are high heels, I don't own a comfortable pair of these but yet wear them almost every day.

I'm 34 F. I asked the question because I feel like younger women (under 30) have completely different mindset - e.g. show at office in sneakers etc. For men I feel like is other way round in terms of age but could be wrong on that..
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Old 20th February 2019, 10:39 PM   #5
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48 female

I choose clothes that make me feel warm so I guess that is comfort. I do not like being cold. People are surprised I have so many different sweaters. Boots too. Long boots keep my feet warm.

In a few years once menopause hits I will likely be trying to find clothes to keep me cool.
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Old 20th February 2019, 11:25 PM   #6
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I want both, but I won't stay in anything other than a bra that isn't fairly comfortable -- but after all, comfort is only good fit! You don't have to wear slobby clothes to be comfortable. You just have to wear ones that actually fit you and aren't too small.

I dress like a slob when I'm working at home and wear pajamas or shorts in the house, mostly cotton, and houseshoes fleece lined for the winter and vintage suede Cole Haan loafers in the summer with arch supports, for yard shoes.

I go out to eat lunch at fairly nice places about four days a week if not more, and wear comfortable clothes that are nicer looking and wear jewelry to accessorize, or sometimes leather vest if I want to look like a lumberjack. So will have on my good ring, and then costume jewelry bracelet and/or long necklace. This year, I found out I can (with my bad feet I was confined to loafers with arch supports wear booties (ankle booties) without supports and the boot is enough support. So my shoes were the main thing holding me back and so I bought a little dress to wear, which I haven't worn yet. But now I finally found plus jeans that are long enough and thin enough for my legs which aren't as fat as the rest, so that looks better. Then I wear different tops that are blouses mostly that are not tucked in.

For the rare occasion that I still go to a concert or a gig and see the old crowd, I will wear something like black jeans and like a purple crocheted top with a black jacket over and a deep teal, blue, and purple long ombre scarf with my blue suede booties. I'm perfectly comfy in all of it. I have one pair of Carlos Santana booties with 2" heels that I will only go to a restaurant in because I can't walk real good in them (I have a torn miniscus and limp) and a pair of open toed block heel shoes the same. I wouldn't wear them to anything that took long or had to walk much.

I'm 66.
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Old 21st February 2019, 7:52 AM   #7
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I think it's possible to have both. I have many pairs of high heels that I can walk miles in and be perfectly fine. You can also be quite stylish and comfortable in some of the athleisure clothing that is so popular now. And I see a lot of trending clothing items that are both stylish and comfortable.

That said, in my 20s/30s I was far more concerned with being stylish than comfort. I would always reach for the high heels and never would've dreamed of wearing tennis shoes or hiking type shoes anywhere other than hiking or to the gym. I never wore pants -- always skirts and dresses -- and always dressed up. As I've hit my 40s I tend to think more about comfort and am lazier about getting ready. If I'm just out running errands, I'll wear my Merrell's or ballerina flats as opposed to wearing my heels. Even when I'm getting more dressed up, I think more about my comfort for the evening -- will I be warm enough, will this skirt ride up, are the straps digging in, etc. -- whereas in my 20s/30s I cared more about the overall look and would've just suffered through it. I've come to realize as I've gotten older that people just don't really care that much about what you are wearing. I can still look cute and be comfortable.
In the end one loves one's desire and not what is desired. -- Nietzsche
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Old 21st February 2019, 9:13 AM   #8
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I see zero reason why stylish cannot also be comfortable. I feel as though I've found a balance to both.

I'm a 40F
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Old 21st February 2019, 9:31 AM   #9
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I like cute clothes that are comfortable but cute matters to me. I rarely dress just for comfort. I do dress warm but even that's stylist. I love cute sweaters. I'm 44, female.
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Old 21st February 2019, 10:35 AM   #10
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I have a non conventional physique and would need everything custom if I wanted to be "stylish"...I have some custom fitted suits/clothes that look great, so I do have the capability to look very sharp when needed..

But just walking around, its baggy stuff and gym wear only...Plus, I have sensitive skin and anything that isn't 100% cotton will make me uncomfortable..Thankfully, I really don't care to impress anyone, so it's comfort over style unless the conditions warrant..

M -early 50's

"If all you do is what you’ve always done, all you will get is what you always got.”
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Old 21st February 2019, 10:38 AM   #11
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If I could wear hoodies and flip flops every day, everywhere for the rest of my life I'd be happy.

Definitely comfort! Female, 46.
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Old 21st February 2019, 1:09 PM   #12
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Early 30s/F

Comfort all the way, but I'll make exceptions for special events and the occasional fancy date night (although even then, comfort's probably at least half the story - you'll never see me in high heels outside the bedroom, lol!)
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Old 21st February 2019, 2:25 PM   #13
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I always suit up from M-F. To me, suit pants are infinitely more comfortable than are jeans.

Style and comfort come together.

Mid 40s male
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Old 21st February 2019, 5:09 PM   #14
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I do like style when I can get it. But I am very short, but very curvy, so juniors do not fit, and neither do many adult is not just a matter of hemming pants legs and shirt sleeve s. Shoulder and neck areas, pants gussets...all challenging. Petite sizes are hit and miss on fit. Dresses that have a certain cut....v neck with empire waist are best bet....but not appropriate for the work I do. Also...pants signify 'workwear' to me, so even for meetings, I reach for dress slacks.
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Old 21st February 2019, 8:52 PM   #15
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Female, 40s

Style always #1. But I won't buy it if it's not comfy. I have to be well dressed because of my profession, but I've always been into fashion & design since I was a child.

The 2-3 years I was fat nothing fit well so I went for comfy. I am size 0-2 now so it's much easier to be comfy and look good in almost anything.
'We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.' ― Anaïs Nin
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