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I知 trying to build a more strict schedule, but I知 having trouble sleeping 8 hours.

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I知 trying to build a more strict schedule, but I知 having trouble sleeping 8 hours.

Ok so I知 beginning to wake at 5 because I知 kind of on a path of self improvement I guess? Also, due to college I致e working less than usual and making less money. Waking up at 5 AM makes me go to work much earlier and I make more money!

Anyways I used to sleep at 1:30, and I壇 usually wake up at 9-10. However these past few weeks I had a problem where I wake at 6 to take a piss, then I wouldn稚 be able to fall back asleep. I would think a lot and my mind would start racing. My libido is high in the morning so thinking of sex would wake up my body even more. So as a result I壇 be awake another 2 hours before I would asleep again. Because of that, I would wake up too late, and on top of that I would end sleeping a bit later than the last day. It sucked.

So I decided to make a stricter schedule. Been waking up at 5 AM, using my alarm on my phone.

However here痴 the problem. I can稚 fall asleep until like 10:30, or 11. Right now I知 running on 6 hours of sleep and I知 so tired right now. Zero energy and my eyes just want to shut. I知 having to fight not taking a nap. I知 going to bed at 9.

I haven稚 lifted since Wednesday because I知 just too tired too do so.

What can I do?

I知 20 years old by the way. Male.
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I had the same problem until I accepted that I needed less sleep than a used to. However, I am 46 (female). I also train frequently (both weightlifting and boxing) and neither have helped, really.

I went through a period of sleeping for 5 hours, sometimes only 4 and not being able to nap during the day so I couldn't give my body a break.

Now I've settled on 6 hours of sleep, I fall asleep around 1 am and I'm awake at 7.

The key was though that I had to go through a few weeks of surviving on 5 hours and feeling pretty lethargic.

How about forcing yourself to go to the gym?
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