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How do I fight this jealousy that I am feeling?

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Old 7th December 2017, 1:38 PM   #1
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How do I fight this jealousy that I am feeling?

I wonder if that is the right term for it. Anyway, lately, I have been feeling sort of jealous towards a female friend dating someone. At first I felt glad for her, but then I started gaining a negative feeling towards it. Hear me out about this: In no way am I feeling entitled to her, nor do I feel that she is with the wrong guy. I have known this girl for nearly two years and I think we are good friends, but one of the primary thoughts that I have had is that I think that I screwed up my chance with her. I have done another thread about a couple of months ago about how I have been rather flakey with her. She would ask me if I wanted to hang out, but some things had come up or I was not really up to it after a really long day. I know I could have made time for it, but I didn't. She may have told me that she was not upset about it, but I thought otherwise.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, she had told me that she had started dating a guy whom she had also been talking to for a while. I then said that I was happy for her, but then I think a few days later, I started to feel sort of jealous. Then I felt that I may have messed up my chance with her already. It didn't help that I noticed some Facebook pictures or Instagram stories with those two kissing and stuff. The thing that I am doing to fight it is avoid texting or calling her (She had told me that he boyfriend isn't the jealous type, but with the way I am feeling right now, I think it's best for ME not to contact her), as well as try not to pay attention to any Instagram pics/videos/stories involving her. I may contact her in the future after the negativity wears off, but now is not the time. Hell, I don't even want her to know that I am going through this.

What are some ways to defeat this negativity? A few days ago, I took a few hits of weed to help and it did a bit, but a friend of mine had told me not to use substances when you're down, or I'll get addicted.
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Old 8th December 2017, 8:44 AM   #2
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Also, I would like to know about your moments of feeling jealous. What did you do to fight it?
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Old 11th December 2017, 3:55 PM   #3
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An addiction to weed? Mental, physical or did the source you heard that from lack the proper specifications?

Dude, weed is a plant and yeah people mix in* propellants like pesticides and other additives, but you pretty much get what you pay for, which is the THC.*

I guess you can say that marijuana can be psychologically addictive, but the worry resides in physical addiction, as far as the real health complications are concerned and that leaves almost no room to worry about a harmless plant.

Stay away from any strain advertised as Indica or hybrid and seek out Sativa strains, which are used to have more creativity and drive throughout the day.

Know your sources, because people on the street have been adding questionable "enhancements" to make their product more potent than others ... Find someone who has access to the medical greens and go through them from now on.

I'm no marijuana expert, but I smoke it regularly from the dispensary.

As for the other part of your story and a way to handle jealousy:

When you care about someone (in my case) you are left with no other choice but to be happy for your friend and any lingering jealousy should be tied to the trees.

Not because the better man won or anything, because that's never the case. The hands of time will turn with or without you and as time passes, people end up branching out and discovering new people. This other dude she's with does not impact the history you two have or the chance you think you lost and I guarantee that.*

I think the best move is to stay rogue until you can better manage how you feel about this person. We've all been there, but I hope this helps and I'd have more to add, but the scenario at hand is lacking in context, so without more information I can only add a tiny bit on the subject.

To sum it up, I think you are making the right choices, so just go by instinct and your own discretion on this. You seem too intelligent to even need advice, but we all get lost at times.
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