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Tips on gaining weight the healthy way for a teen?

Physical Fitness, Health & Weight Management Staying fit and physically healthy is essential! Remember, we aren't subsitutes for your physician! As always, talk to your doctor before following any suggestions or advice!

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Old 24th November 2018, 12:40 AM   #16
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A lot of it really is due to metabolism and genes. Look at the girl's mother and you can get a good idea of how she might look as an adult. Both my husband and I are scarily similar to our respective parents. My cousin was stick thin when we were teens. She was fed appropriately, but she was very slender. 5'7" tall and 105 lbs no matter how much she ate. I was skinny as a teen also, but that was due to lack of food. I just didn't eat enough regularly to gain weight. Now that I'm an adult and I have plenty, I have trouble keeping the weight off. Russian girls come in two sizes - "slender model" and "sturdy peasant." I ended up looking like the latter.
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Old 24th November 2018, 4:42 AM   #17
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Easy ways to work in more calories that aren't unhealthy:

Drink them - protein shakes, weight gainers, etc. You could easily drink your entire daily calorie needs with these alone

High calorie density snacks - nuts, peanut butter

Some exercise would be good. It may turn out her body has an easier time building lean tissue than storing fat.

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Old 24th November 2018, 7:08 AM   #18
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I wouldn't worry too much. A lot of children are skinny little things, I was also awfully skinny up until my late teenage years, with protruding ribs, arms and legs as thin as twigs. There were also a couple of doctors who rang the alarm bells, like my local pediatrician, but more serious ones reasured my mom that it's most likely my metabolism.
It's probably not good to overfeed the girl since she's not gonna pack any of that weight anyway, so just let her eat normally and maybe visit a nutritionist so they can make a suitable diet plan for her.
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Old 24th November 2018, 9:50 AM   #19
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I think some of you got the wrong impression. When my BF and I were alone yes I cooked lean but since she is with me I have adjusted for her, as exmplained in my intro, I bake and cook in a way she can gain weight. She doesn't like animal fat so I can't force her but I can hide it. Even wn my cooking. With those changes she doesn't seem to keep the fat on when she gain some. She's a kid with LOTS of energy! She's like a gazelle always jumping left and right. In terms of exercise she is on a daily exercise program with a physiotherapist, so she is doing a lot of stretching, but she is not allowed to run at this time, she has an important scoliosis that was never treated.

In terms of genetics she gets it from her father, he was a big eater but remained lean all of his life.

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Next time she gets a physical, also have them test her thyroid levels if they haven't already.

otherwise, just continue to do what you are doing and encourage her to eat many small meals during the course of the day so that her body has the fuel it needs to keep up with her activity levels.

Healthy fats as well - think trail mixes with nuts, etc.
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