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How are we Aging now

Physical Fitness, Health & Weight Management Staying fit and physically healthy is essential! Remember, we aren't subsitutes for your physician! As always, talk to your doctor before following any suggestions or advice!

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Old 1st October 2018, 11:37 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by Mysterio View Post
I have been looking at various people in life and wonder why some people look younger than others. Take away dyeing hair or if someone is balding.

I am 47 and I feel like my peers and I look younger than my parents did in the 80's when they were my age.

Are we all aging a bit slower now. I saw Richard Chamberlin in a interview and to me he looks more late 60's than early 80's.

Its almost like everyone is looking younger now than at an older age than before, now in history.
Secret to staying young looking it is this..

1. Don't smoke anything
2. Don't drink hard
3. Don't take in so much coffee or tea
4. Don't take in so much process foods
5. Keep away from fast foods
6. Eat less red meat
7. Exercise or just have fun!

But again if your family ages quickly your going to age the same it's in the blood. While on that subject if you ever need blood then lets say the person who donated the blood was old and then you can show that too. Like my late father he looked young in his 50s but once he had to get blood for his operation he rapidly age quick.

I keep myself looking young I feel that way.. I have friends who look older than me still they look old LOL. But that's them..

If I can turn back time, if I can find a way! I would reach for it!
Age doesn't matter, but Love does matter! Which love it's the magical one "I love you" also I am in love with you" More powerful than anyone age! If you really love that person you are so interested in you would move heavens and mountains to reach them!'
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Old 1st October 2018, 11:38 AM   #17
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Several factors may affect this. Genes, obviously, play a big role. Fewer people smoke, and smoking has a very negative effect. Fewer people bake in the sun, or they use sunscreen, which helps prevent aging of the skin - and skin is the most obvious indicator of aging and health.
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Old 1st October 2018, 11:50 AM   #18
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A lot of it is genetic....For example. that Christine Blaisey Ford woman looks older than my 77 year old mother....yikes...and my mother has led a more dreadful life I am sure..


I have beaten my body to death over the years...But the things I do, I believe, have helped me...I've never smoked, drank, or did drugs, don't even take prescription meds..Maintain a regimented training program, and while my diet is pretty tight, I do binge from time to time...

I had a recent full body workup...One thing that the Dr mentioned was that people my age generally show a varying degree of interconnective cartilage/tissue degradation, while my scan shows almost none..He said, if someone showed him my scan and asked what the age of the person was, he'd surmise late 20's....I am 53...The scan also showed zero cardiovascular plaques/blockages...All clear there..

My physique is hard and muscled and no typical gut of most guys my age....Everything works 100%....Never had an incident of ED...No joint troubles..No knee or hip issues...My skin is tight,no turkey neck, no jowls, eye bags, nothing...Again, my family/culture generally has good skin tone..

All that said...I am starting to feel the process kick in...I need more rest..,Small issues that would normally go away in a day, now take a week or two...I wake up sore at times and need a bit to get loose...Kind of like an older dog does..I got a recurring shoulder issue from an old sports injury...Dr keeps telling me to fix it, but I don't want the down time, so I deal with it...Maybe ill fix it later when I finally stop working....or maybe I wont...

My dad has passed a while ago, but when I think of my dad at 53....he was an old man...Already had open heart surgery, diabetes and a few other health issues, and looked very old...He'd drop dead in less than a half hour if he did what I do on a daily basis at that age...he wasn't overweight, but he was a heavy smoker and had horrible eating habits..

No one gets out of this game alive...But if you take care of yourself, you can make the best of it...

"If all you do is what you’ve always done, all you will get is what you always got.”

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Old 2nd October 2018, 5:43 AM   #19
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My brother and I were having this conversation just the other day. I'm 49 and he's a bit older, and we look remarkably better than our parents did at our age. And indeed a lot better than a lot of our peers. Folk are always assuming we're way younger than we are. I don't necessarily think we look massively younger than our ages... but we 'are' a lot younger... if you know what I mean. We put it down to general health and fitness and overall lifestyle.

While I smoke semi-regularly, and we both have the occasional drink, neither of us have any real excessive vices. And we both lift almost every day - heavy - in conjunction with regular HIIT cardio. I don't think you can understate the impact of both of these types of exercise on general well being! The effects are generally well documented in terms of warding off wrinkles, staying hard bodied, and even delaying menopause and reducing the symptoms.

Oh, and also a largely plant-based diet with smatterings of fresh organic meats. Love our food! While I don't count calories like I did when younger before it became more intuitive, I know I eat around 2200 per day at the moment.

We both are also big on family, travel and never plan to retire because we love what we respectively do.

I think living life holistically in a way that is meaningful for you lends a certain youthful vitality that shines through actual age.
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Old 5th October 2018, 7:09 AM   #20
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I have said this before. I have gotten 24/27/33/36 in the last 5 yrs.

My voice is soft. My complection is more coco as a black man. I am 5'9. I shave my head and face with a bic shaver, no electric. My parents look late 60's. Even though they are late 70's.

Basically it just feels like my 70's generation comes off as more younger. Or we have more play in our lives.
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Old 8th October 2018, 12:26 AM   #21
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It's genetic, too. I look younger than my 57 years. My 34 year old gets carded more than her 22-yr-old baby sister (the youngest takes after her father's side. He was totally gray by 30. I call my oldest "Mini me".)
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Old 13th October 2018, 9:51 PM   #22
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I also think that most of us are 10 to 12 younger, socially. When I look at say Tom Cruise. He comes off more like he is 46, than 56.

I turn 48 in March 2019. I never get 40 something. Mostly 30 something. Like 33 lowest. 36 the most.

My theory is that for the most part. Until reach 10 or 12. You really have no major say in your life. You're under parental control. So a 20 yr old is more like a 10 yr old when it comes to viceral emotions. A 30 is 20. A 40 is 30. A 50 could pass as 40. Just socially. Physically its a different thing.

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Old 16th October 2018, 11:31 PM   #23
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^ look at Brad Pitt in Troy. He was 40 in that... WTF?!?!?

So amazing
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Old 20th October 2018, 10:25 PM   #24
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Interesting topic. I'm in my early fifties and many people don't believe me when they ask my age. I had severe cystic acne in my teens to late 20s which with the help of Roaccutane put it in check. I was left with pretty bad scarring which with the help of Dermapen treatments, has diminished a lot. Because of its collagen-inducing properties, my facial skin looks plump and dewy. My chest acne scars, I have left alone and they are ugly but covered up from the sun.

Because of the acne in my youth, I have spent 1000s on serums, etc and it has been worth it. Lots of water is important as well. Because I never had kids, I have slept whenever I want/need to. My jobs involved lots of manual labour and in my youth I covered up from the sun as much as I could while working outdoors. Female colleagues told me I was a 'princess' who was 'precious'. I would love to have that conversation now, 30 odd years later.

Staying single has kept me young. I don't need to BS that a high-maintenance lifestyle of being coupled-up entails. Women try to set me up with single men, to my dismay. I have made it clear that I am happy as I am but they don't want me to be, it seems. Misery loves company. Or is it jealousy? If I am to be harsh, they could have taken better care of themselves.

Now I have silver hair coming through and it looks great. It doesn't make me look 'older' but it indicates my bio age. As a teen, I looked like a child and my husband was told by his mates that I was jailbait. He set the record straight.
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