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Does exercise assist with depression and anxiety

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Old 14th January 2018, 4:30 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by igotoverit View Post
I find when I am happy, I hit the gym. As someone who struggles with depression, I find it nearly impossible on those days to attend the gym. Does anyone have experience with this?

Go to the gym anyways!
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At the first therapy session I ever went to, my therapist said 30 min of exercise something like 4-5 times per week was equivalent to being on an antidepressant. While I've never been on an antidepressant, I did find it helpful to my mental well-being. Not only that, sometimes that seemed like the only time I did something nice specifically for ME.
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Old 15th January 2018, 3:53 AM   #18
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Depression is mind and the chemical in your body out of balance.. I've been there before.

Best way to combat that is to pump your body full of endorphins and beside sex.. exercising is really the only way I can think of that can accomplish this.

Stay the course.. There's a saying..

You can be where you are and unhealthy in 5 years time or you can be a better you and healthy in 5 years time.. the journey stars today.

If you've follow my posts.. the past few weeks been hard and.. actually, the past few years been hard but I promised myself.. wake up.. Drink water and gym in the morning before the day starts.. It really has helped me a lot and I promise it will help you too.
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Old 19th January 2018, 3:49 PM   #19
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When I'm severely saddened, I can't work or will I work out. When I start feeling a little better is when I work out briefly (sometimes with anger). Gradually I get back to where I was before. Damn cruelties of life.
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Old 19th January 2018, 5:28 PM   #20
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Originally Posted by igotoverit View Post
I find when I am happy, I hit the gym. As someone who struggles with depression, I find it nearly impossible on those days to attend the gym. Does anyone have experience with this?
I have the inverse problem... if I can't do any exercise for more than about four days, it makes me start to feel depressed. And agitated.
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Old 20th January 2018, 2:25 PM   #21
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Whenever I go the gym or do exercise I feel normal and sometimes happy. However, recently this lasts around an hour or so and then I have a sort of 'come down' where I lie there feeling tired and anxious/****.

If I don't go at all to the gym or like today where I have not even left the house, I feel really bad. I feel nervous and sad and lonely.

This is like when I'm at work too. Whenever I'm there I feel ol and just get on with my job. I feel good conversing with my colleagues. But then on the drive home suddenly everything seems so gloomy again.

For about a year now I've noticed the only times I am consistently happy over a week is if I am in a relationship or have a girl to text/speak to, maybe from OLD. Like this week I have set a first date up for Tuesday. I have some mild anxiety that she wont show up or cancel even though she seemed very keen. But I feel ok because of it.

The weeks where nothing seems to happen on my OLD scene are the worst - that's when I feel most lonely and hopeless.

I'm not sure how normal this is. I am trying to make improvements in my life but feels like it's really slow progress right now.
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