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LB2016 29th November 2017 5:41 PM

Yo yo dieting
Does anyone else suffer from this? I am by my diet and am so tired of it. I can be eating clean and then go off and boy- I go off! I go for days eating excessively. I splurge and think Ill start tmrowwo again so let me enjoy this now. Before I know it, Im saying the same thing the next night!

Im now off and have been the past 3 days and feel disgusting! Im so disgusted with myself too, as I know Im gaining weight. Soooo frustrating!

thefooloftheyear 29th November 2017 6:01 PM

What does your exercise regimen consist of.??


LB2016 29th November 2017 6:40 PM

Ill do cardio (I run a lot) and weights (classes) and when Im into it, Im into it! I just cant stand the roller coaster!

To be honest, I was going soooo well when I was dating this guy. It gave me something to be motivated to stay on task. Now Im not dating him anymore and the yo yo is back! Lol. I know it should all be done for ME, but he just helped give me that motivation.

carhill 29th November 2017 9:53 PM

Settle into a lifestyle of moderation in both diet and exercise? Something sustainable? I see a lot of up and down. I checked recently and am about 5lbs up from when I was married a decade ago and with no real attention to diets or excercise regimes, rather living life and working in my normally physical job as an old guy. My gall bladder keeps me away from fats and glutens don't agree with me so maybe that helps, IDK.

When I was married I supported my wife in her dieting stuff, even as far as going to her WW meetings with her, but I could rarely get her to do consistent modest exercise and she didn't like biking with me so that part of the equation languished. To me it's about consistency and sustainability. If you can figure out something that works for you long-term, IMO that's the ticket. I'm nearly 60 and not perfect but feel good and have been healthy my whole life, save for the gall bladder and gluten thing. Nothing in life is perfect.

I guess a lot of folks get wrapped up in the details but I tend to operate a lot like my parents did before we got all into health and fitness. Three squares and moving the body. Nothing fancy. Different strokes!

GemmaUK 30th November 2017 1:27 AM

I used to suffer from it.

You could use my method described in here:

You'd need to cut out eating anything 'fat free' 'diet' or 'light'.
It's what I did, I lost 3-4 stone over 5 months and have easily maintained it for years.

carhill 30th November 2017 1:39 AM

Yeah, that keto thing apparently is expensive (the costs of the foods needed to do it right) but best friend's daughter swears by it, losing 40lbs in the last four months or so with no other lifestyle changes. She and her H live a pretty active lifestyle but are pushing 50 so dealing with that. Is it sustainable? IDK. I probably can't afford it, looking at what they were doing over the holiday. Not to mention it would destroy my gall bladder :D

GemmaUK 30th November 2017 1:52 AM


Originally Posted by carhill (Post 7478552)
Yeah, that keto thing apparently is expensive (the costs of the foods needed to do it right) but best friend's daughter swears by it, losing 40lbs in the last four months or so with no other lifestyle changes. She and her H live a pretty active lifestyle but are pushing 50 so dealing with that. Is it sustainable? IDK. I probably can't afford it, looking at what they were doing over the holiday. Not to mention it would destroy my gall bladder :D didn't read my method Carhill....
I'm totally not advocating Keto at all, nor any fad type of diet, not even weight watchers.
I suggested a totally different method.

carhill 30th November 2017 2:02 AM

I commented on the keto diet because it was introduced to me over the holiday. Nothing else. Pretty basic stuff. It appeared to be the topic of the linked thread.

purrrfectlyflawed 3rd January 2018 3:40 PM

Yes I do. I also binge eat. Losing weight is 80% nutrition. I can lose a ton of weight just by cutting calories. I am so tired of yo yo dieting

Fit is life 5th January 2018 1:50 AM

Are you severely restricting carbs when your are dieting? The body craves them after a few days if you go too low and then the binges happen. Download a calorie tracking app theres plenty of awesome free ones out there and eat at a deficit of around 500 calories a day. That's a pound a week and isnt hard to maintain at all. The calorie tracker will tell you how many calories you need when you enter your height and weight and answer a few questioms about how active you are. Hope this helps.

sorano 5th January 2018 11:47 PM

we are human and we will splurge. cookies, cake, etc. It is what it is. Limit yourself to one or two cheat days. But don't over do it on cheat days.

keep in mind, you are not body building and stepping on stage. You are not doing this for money or competing. You must have a balanced life. everything you do has to have a balance.

pureinheart 6th January 2018 4:38 AM

Personally, I think people would be better off thinking about eating healthy rather than counting calories, eating fat free, low fat, diet, etc., etc., etc..

When I was an impressionable teen we were told salt and fat were 'evil'... so what did I do? Avoided fat and salt... not good. Our bodies need both. I stayed away from important foods that contained fat like nuts, avocados and such ... now that I eat these foods I feel MUCH better. As for salt, I make sure there is salt in my foods...

Eat healthy- avoid processed foods and concentrated sugar (cookies, cakes, etc.). Stick to foods that are in their own packaging:)

gone_girl 6th January 2018 11:18 AM

Yes, I know very well what you're talking about. Once I reach 65 kilos (1.66 m height) I know it's time to behave.

But I'm aware that if I don't change excessive eating habits then I'll keep fluctuatinng. I think eating everything in moderation is the best approach. And taking into account your own body. For instance, if I start eating too many whole foods it will make me sick (I have a sensitive digestive system). I need my wheat, and pasta and potatoes (normal portions ofc).

Right now I got laying around; an olive oil cake (I made it), yummy french goat cheese, a baguette (in the freezer), breadsticks... But I'm pacing myself. I live alone, so no one will eat those before I do! It's so easy to go by instinct though and end up making everything dissappear within an afternoon. Thing is, we're not n the palaeolithic era anymore, the food is perfectly preserved in the fridge for us to eat later.

d0nnivain 6th January 2018 11:39 AM

I really is about rearranging your head space.

First banish the word diet because it makes you think about all the things you can't do. Instead focus on portion control. I lost 20 pounds & still ate what I wanted; I just ate less of it. For example I would eat 1 serving of chips, about 12 chips. The secret is count them out. Put them on a plate & put the bag away. Eat the chips -- SLOWLY -- then be done. You aren't deprived but you also didn't scarf down a bag of chips.

Add exercise into your life. Even if it's just to get a fit bit & get in your 10,000 steps a day. Park farther from your office. Take a walk at lunch. Use the stairs.

You will stop yo yo ing when you make choices you can live with.

SolG 8th January 2018 7:31 AM

I agree with cutting dieting out all together. Go for a lifestyle change.

I have always been slim and athletic, but years back put on a lot of weight whilst suffering from endo. Once I'd had a hysterectomy and felt back to normal, I upped my exercise and revamped my food. The fat melted and my tone improved, as did my skin and hair and everything! And I've maintained it easily ever since.

I've recently started getting symptoms of perimenopause and have revamped again. Switching from mostly vegetarian to mostly vegan. (I supplement with iron and B vitamins.)

Basically, I roll out of bed and excercise at least five mornings a week. This includes lifting and HIIT at least three times a week. I eat predominately plant based. I track my input and output (activity and food). It's all just routine to me now.

I buy predominately fresh produce and a lot of it. I actually track my input because being mostly plant based I have to eat A LOT to get my required calories! My work colleagues think it's hilarious that my lunch bowl is a family-sized salad bowl which I fill to the brim every day with various veg and salad mixes. They have however banned me from having kimchi in the office. Spoiled sports :)

I often meal prep for the week on Sunday. Doesn't take me long at all these days, and saves me money. And I really enjoy what I eat!

I don't do deprivation. If I feel like ice cream or a steak, or a few drinks I have them. And I generally still have a latte a day. Because I know my overall lifestyle is good enough to accommodate it.

Anyway, my advice is don't 'diet'. Find a holistic healthy lifestyle that you like. There's a whole heap of people out there who swear by low carb and that works for them. I eat almost exclusively carbs in the form of fruit and veggies, and that works for me. You just have to find what works for you.

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