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Frequent headaches!!! Does someone have any ?

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Old 13th November 2017, 4:24 PM   #1
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Unhappy Frequent headaches!!! Does someone have any ?


I would like to ask about headaches.
I have them often and i'm not sure when it started but maybe 5-6 years ago.
I've taken it as tension headache because I am an incredibly tense person but it does not improve, instead it gets worse.
Some background:
Back when I was still in school i'd usually always get a headache on the bus on my way home. I cannot connect it with public transport (like some kind of motion sickness I mean) because it never happened in the morning on my way TO school. Some afternoons it would be bad... others it would be unbearable to the point where if I was wearing headphones with music in them I had to not just shut the music off entirely but take the headphones off because the slightest pressure on my head was so horrible but usually over the counter aspirins always helped me anyway but I don't like taking them too often.

This is the new symptoms I have:
Pain on almost only on one side or much more intense on one side. I am sensitive to light and sensitive to sounds, even just someone talking makes it worse even if they don't talk loudly. Aspirins don't always help anymore and it happens that I can't fall asleep because of the pain/pressure. The headache has been back again now for about a week and last night after i'd gone to bed I saw a flash of light infront of my eyes which immedietely got me thinking of migraine... i've heard that's one of the symptoms along with the ache. The pain is located in my forehead, sometimes in the back of the head/neck as well which is also new and there is pressure over left eyebrow/around the eye and sometimes over the nose even. I would suspect sinusitis but i've had that many times and I know what that's like and I have no fever and no runny or stuffy nose, no additional symptoms like that, i'm just exhausted but that COULD be due to the change in seasons as well though (because it's dark earlier). It STARTED with these new symptoms last time I took birth control pills a year ago and it's the main reason I stopped along with the nausea it gave me because I got home one day and it was so bad we had to make my room dark and I had to lie down. I couldn't stand ANY light. A friend told me after that happened that birth control can cause migraine and that I should stop taking them asap so I did.

It's gotten to the point where I very often feel that I have to take an aspirin before leaving the house JUST IN CASE if I know that I am going to be gone for a couple of hours like for work or something else. I don't always do it though of course but if I feel just a little pressure in my head I take one.

I have mentioned it to several doctors but they give me the advice to take lots of aspirins EVERYDAY if necessary and that is not healthy so I don't know why they would say that to me !!! I do not get taken seriously I just hear that "everybody has headaches" well sure but that's like saying to someone who feels nauseous several times a week to the point where they could be close to throwing up that everybody gets nauseous, yes everybody does but not that often.
I am very tired of living with this and not getting any proper help to figure out the root cause.

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Old 26th November 2017, 4:48 PM   #2
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I have migraine headaches and this sounds like migraines to me. I would definitely find a good neurologist and maybe get some imaging on your brain just to be on the safe side. Aspirin tears up your stomach so stay away from too much of that. I am on migraine preventive and this helps tremendously. I have had them since I was 17. I usually get them on the left side of my head, behind my eye and I throw up and I am light and noise sensitive. Also I see flashing lights and I get a strange aura of a chlorine smell right before I get one. I do hope you feel better soon. Excedrin Migraine works well if you are not allergic to caffeine or acetaminophen.
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Old 26th November 2017, 7:48 PM   #3
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Headaches can be caused by so many different factors, it sometimes is hard to find the root cause. But keep trying.....

I had headaches as you are describing. I went to see an osteopath and found out I have a twisted vertebrae in my neck which was causing tension in my suboccipital muscles. The doctor was able to release the tension in my neck thereby reducing the pain.

Other causes might be a food allergy (naturopath) or you could try acupuncture which I've seen great results with as well.

Good luck my friend. Hugs.....
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Old 28th November 2017, 9:32 AM   #4
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My daughter has a history of bad headaches. After much testing and trial 'n error, it is caused by gluten. Maybe you are sensitive to gluten.
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Old 28th November 2017, 7:11 PM   #5
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Would have been useful to know how old you are.

I suffer from headaches often and I am sure it's cause I am going through perimenopause. Sometimes I even get up with headaches to painful I cannot turn my head of lift it from the pillow, I have to have someone bring me advils. These days they don't come as often because I changed a lot of my diet. No more sugar, no more food with additives, no more ham or any cold cuts - those have headaches written all over. I think you should keep a journal of what you eat. Do you drink a lot of water? often these headaches start when we're dehydrated and we don't know.
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I don't get headaches often, but when I do they are caused by stress and dehydration. Drinking some water and getting some sleep are the best cure.
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Old 19th January 2018, 2:39 AM   #7
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Sorry about your headaches. There must be a reason. I donít think just taking a bunch of aspirin is a good answer. But I also think it may be difficult to find the reason.

I get migraines occasionally. But I also used to get regular headaches almost constantly. Ever since I was a kid. Almost for as long as I could remember. And doctors could never figure out why. And then my mom was diagnosed with celiac disease and was told her kids should get tested because it is genetic. So I got tested and it turns out I have it as well. So I stopped eating gluten and the headaches went away. But I never had the usual GI issues people talk about when they have celiac disease. Maybe a little bit of uncomfortableness, but not diarrhea and upset like people talk about. Mostly just headaches. For years and years. I still get the migraines occasionally, but the constant headaches I used to have stopped once I stopped eating gluten. So... Iím not saying you shouldnít eat gluten, because your headaches might be caused by something else... but there must be a reason. And there is probably a way to stop them. But it may be difficult to figure out.
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Have you had your eyes checked? My first pair of glasses came about because of headaches.
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