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Gum Grafts

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Gum Grafts

I had a gum graft today; dentist took some of the roof of my mouth and grafted it onto my gums to build up the tissue . Was not too painful of a procedure, but completely grossed me out!

Has anyone else had this done? I have heard the roof of my mouth will feel like the worst pizza burn ever- it is sore at this point, but my main concern is it wil not stop bleeding.

Anyone else gone through this? Any words of advice?

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Try not to dwell on it. What is it for exactly? Did your teeth not have enough gums or were your gums deteriorated?
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Yes, I had this done last year. I had moderate gum recession in two areas; in my case, it was genetic, but it's common as you approach 40. Follow your doctor's advice exactly because it's very easy to dislodge the new tissue. One of my grafts didn't "take" and they had to redo the procedure.

The worst parts? Spitting up the blood clot and finally flossing later. It's not pleasant to have to go two weeks without flossing a spot...
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