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Body pain after eating???

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Old 23rd January 2007, 12:26 AM   #1
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Question Body pain after eating???

I do plan on seeing a doctor about this, but I just wanted to know if anyone has had any similar experiences. Well, some of you may know that my fiance broke up with me in December. Since then, I was in a deep depression and I just didn't feel hungry at all. Then I started eating again during December and everything was fine, health wise. Now, I would say around the 7th or 8th of this month, there was a death in the family which made me even more upset. So, again, I didn't eat. Hardly nothing at all. I got to the point of loosing at least 20 pounds. I looked at myself, and I said, NO WAY am I going to do this. So, I tried eating again. I was really hungry but everything I ate just didn't appeal to me, so again, I stopped eating. Now I am eating more, slowly a little bit at a time. Mostly chicken broth, jello, pudding and crackers. Which is way more than I was eating before. I can feel some of my strength returning, but I have aweful body pains now. It almost feels flu like but worse. I can't take a deep breath because it feels like I'm being stabbed in my back and in my stomach area. My neck feels like its been in a knot for weeks. I'm just wondering if this is some sort of shock to my body from not eating much. I have a big appetite, but I don't want to over do it. I have to eat slowly and get myself back to normal slowly. As I said, I do plan on seeing a doctor and possibly nutritionist. Most likely tomorrow if this pain doesn't let up. I think it's my body getting used to the food, but still, it kind of scares me.
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Go to a doctor. Any time you can't breathe easily and are getting sharp pains, only a doctor can really help.

I have no idea what is causing the pain, but it seems like it's possible you depleted some vitamins and minerals. Your diet sounds mostly like sugar and salt water. Is there even any milk in the pudding?

Are you taking a multi-vitamin at least? With calcium?

Eat cereal in whole milk if you can't force yourself to eat much. Most cereal is fortified with vitamins, plus you get the calcium, some protein and vitamin D from the milk, and a little fat - which you need. Also, eat yogurt with fresh or dried berries and other fruits.
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Old 24th January 2007, 5:43 PM   #3
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i agree

I'm not a Dr. but a nursing student, it does sound like the lack of nourishment has something to do with it. But absolutely see a Dr. about those pains...that could be something else together.
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Old 24th January 2007, 5:56 PM   #4
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When you don't eat for an extended period of time, you can waste a lot of muscle. Your body views your muscles as an excellent source of energy if you aren't consuming the calories it needs. All these aches and pains can be resulting from a lack of muscle and still trying to perform the same daily activities. Muscle isn't like fat; when you waste it, you may not be able to get all of it back. Even if you start eating again, the effects of your undernourishment on your muscle can be somewhat permanent, depending on how long you stopped eating. You may also be deficient in minerals that a required for normal muscle function. (I'm saying this because what you described sounds like muscular pain).

Like others said, see a doctor. Anytime you have a weird, unidentifiable pain, it's a good idea to get it checked out. A doctor should be able to pinpoint the pain and recommend a diet and lifestyle that can get you close to where you were as quickly as possible (if that's what you want).
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Old 25th January 2007, 2:43 AM   #5
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I found out what it is

The night I first posted this, I was getting a little scared. The pains started getting worse, to the point where my whole body was spasming. I went to the ER and I found out it was a potassium deficiancy. So, I was there until yesterday. Luckily my muscles haven't started to "digest" themselves. I caught it in time. I was very dehydrated and the potassium was the big issue. I got a lot of bags of fluid and lots of potassium pills. Diladid for the pain, but I would've opted for a muscle relaxant, personally. Injected narcotics make me feel insane. I hate them. But, I am doing so much better now. The pain is almost completely gone and I am eating very well for what I've been through. I was told to drink a lot of sports drinks for this week and keep taking multi vitamins with my meals. I'm just glad I went when I did. Phew. That was very frightening.

Ok, this is just a rant about the hospital I went to. I have to say it because I am very pissed at the service I received.

So, I arrive by ambulance at 1:30 am. Got a bed right away, but didn't get seen by a doctor until after 5am. I didn't get any pain meds or fluids until 8am. Only saw a doctor once for 5 minutes when he came it at 5. And they were NOT busy at all. The rest of my stay was hell. Only the nurses would see me, no doctors. I had lots of questions, and when I was released, I asked to speak with a doc about the questions, but all I got, was "they are really busy right now, if you still don't feel good later, then come back and we'll find a doctor who will talk to you". WTF??? I wasn't even given any prescriptions for muscle relaxers or some sort of vitamins. So the rest of the night, I was still spasming like hell, and I decided that I wasn't going back to the hospital. I just pulled out the heating pad and took some ibuprofen and it worked well. Drank a lot of gatorade too. Next day, a whole lot better. I'm still going to request blood work to be done regularly so I know where my levels are at. Too much potassium is bad, so I need to know what's going on. GRRRRRR, I hate that hospital.
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