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Addicted to Cocaine

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How hard it is to stop can depend on why you are doing it. Many addicts are anesthetizing themselves for some deep pain they carry around with them. Those people have the hardest time stopping.

On the other hand, many of my friends (I am a 60s and 70s era person) did coke just for recreation back then, had no serious issues and emotional pain they were dealing with, and got bored or got too busy for it and quit after awhile. The only woman I knew addicted to it had emotional pain and mental illness she inherited, and she died young. Some of the worst addicts around, musicians, are still alive and kicking, but many of them afforded a good rehab program. Men seem to have more issue wanting to keep doing it than women. I think it's because of the sexual factor. Most women I knew, it was strictly incidental, didn't care if they did it or didn't do it, didn't buy it. Doing it too long can make a man impotent, by the way.

You can OD on coke in a heartbeat, and it's very dangerous. It only takes a little too much to make your heart start really pounding in a bad way and people have died that way. For that reason, if for no other, you should get in rehab or just stop. Because no matter how much you trust your source, you can get ahold of something bad mixed in or something stronger.

And here's another reason to stop. Police on traffic stops now commonly have a K9 that can sniff out just about anything and if they smell it, it's reason to go in your car and find it. That wasn't an issue when I was young.
It's really much easier to get busted now than ever before because of these amazing K9s they use. Coke is a serious offence, and you don't want to go to prison.

Your life will be back to normal and productive and happy after a short time when you decide to stop using. If you need help to do it, admit yourself and do it and stay as long as it takes. If you are a person anesthetizing pain, then it's going to take longer to get to the root problem. If not, it shouldn't be too big of a deal as long as you decide to do it. I mean, I've known lots of people who quit doing it out of boredom or for money reasons and no big period of withdrawal.

So make up your mind to stop taking chances. Good luck.
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