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Anyone get sober, relapse and get sober again?

Addiction & Recovery Recognizing, conquering, and coping with addictions, substance abuse & dependence.

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Old 8th February 2008, 8:41 PM   #1
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Anyone get sober, relapse and get sober again?

I was sober 16 months and relapsed about 18 months ago. Some days I drink 2 drinks, other days I drink 5 or more. I don't want to go into rehab again as it really took a toll on my family. I was thinking about outpatient? Have you been to outpatient before? I know I need to do something I just don't know where to start because I know I'll go into withdrawal. Any advice? I was thinking about asking my psychiatrist for an anti anxiety medication since he knows which other drugs I take. I just want something for the first week. Thoughts?
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Old 9th February 2008, 11:56 PM   #2
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Originally Posted by juliegeraci View Post
Anyone get sober, relapse and get sober again?
all the time
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Old 9th February 2008, 11:58 PM   #3
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Have you truly tried AA a 12 step program ?

It sounds to me that you have yet to admit to yourself that you are powerless over Alcohol..
When you do you are on your way to becoming sober..
~~ One day someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else.. ~~
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Old 21st February 2008, 3:36 AM   #4
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Red face

Relapse is an all too normal part of working thru one's addictions. While my own addictions & struggles are for a different substance, I have relapsed 3 times, per having gotten clean twice. It is harder than hell to stay clean... once an addict, always an addict. I have done inpatient detox as an immediate fix but most all addicts require some sort of maintenance in order to fully "heal" & recover from your addiction & gain the strength you need to stay away from it forever. Alcohol is not my vice unfortunately so I cant give you too much advice here b/c I am unsure of the available options for alcoholics other than AA.

Anti-anxiety scrips do help me personally too, however, I also have general anxiety disorder so I need it for panic attacks. But they do subsconsciously fill some voids. (The need/desire to feel "not sober" all the time, hence the reason for the addiction in the 1st place). To each their own though, different strokes, ya know? It is not good to treat one substance abuse problem by replacing it with another substance though. You need as much strength and support as possible, don't feel bad to seek help in any & all ways possible. I imagine there are other forums out there dedicated solely to alcoholism support & recovery, etc. Good luck in your quest, I do feel for you & understand your struggles... the road ahead is long & tough...
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Old 27th May 2008, 8:33 PM   #5
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Everything's possible in life! I was a pothead for 13 years (had 2 years off in that time, relapsed) but my head was always telling me that I knew it was wrong and I had to stop. So I did a couple of months ago. My head is in a completely different place to when I was smoking. I had different health issues that made me a different person to who I am now and when I got those sorted out, I realised that the pot and relationship I was in were the residue of past thinking. I've been very lucky. I know I'll never do drugs again (or smoke cigs) because who I've become!
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Old 27th May 2008, 11:02 PM   #6
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my dr. put me on liberum(sp) when i told him i wanted to quit.i tried a couple of x b/4, worked for around 6-7 months. but liberum did the trick. 3 pills a day for 3 mts. also go to meetings the old saying is 90 in 90 days. hang out w/ sober or non drinking people. if you want something bad enough you can do it. good luck
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