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A dear friend....

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Old 5th March 2007, 1:01 AM   #1
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A dear friend....

I good friend of mine just passed away about a week ago. We had been friends all through high school. We both started using drugs then as well. I met my now ex girlfriend my senior year. I was so taken with her, but she wasn't down with the whole drug thing and I willingly gave it up to be with her. Two years later, I am clean and have been since then, while my friend (we had kinda stopped talking and lost track after I started dating this girl) is dead from a heroin overdose. The viewing is tomorrow and I don't if I will go.

I guess I just don't know how to feel. Relieved that it wasn't me? Sad at the loss of a once good friend, despite having gone seperate ways? Happy that she finally escaped her addiction after numerous attempts at rehab? Guilty that I wasn't there for her more?
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IMO, I think you should go, but of course that has to be up to you. I think you are having a mixture of emotions going on right now, and that is not uncommon when someone close to us passes away. If it were me, I would rather go and pay my respects, than not go and later on be left with the regret of not going.
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