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Sexual abuse??

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Sexual abuse??

My husband and I were watching this movie and there were people having sex and you could see boobs. Only like 2 scenes. But he started rubbing on me and stuff. I didn't really respond because I felt weird watching this nudity and then having sex, I'm not into that sort of thing. And it made me feel like that was the only reason he started touching me. Then, since I wasn't responding he said fine I can just go jerk off in the bathroom. He didn't, but he got mad because I didn't act like I wanted to do anything. I'm not sure if this could be a form of sexual abuse...?
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Not if he quit doing it. But you need to tell him you are not turned on by that stuff and aren't there to have sex with him just because he gets horny watching some other woman's boobs!

Some people are turned on by porn, while others feel uncomfortable or humiliated by it. Most men seem to like it in any form. I wouldn't necessarily go into feeling like an object, though I'm sure you did, because men like to poo-poo that and it will just start a fight. Just tell him, I'm not turned on by YOU being turned on by another woman's boobs, so don't get any ideas. Maybe keep it light!
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I think you are way over reacting. It doesn't even sound like you guys were watching porn, just a regular movie with a couple of sex scenes that got your husband in the mood. Men are visual and so the sex scenes triggered feelings of sexual arousal in him, it doesn't mean that he was lusting after another woman's boobs. He desired you.

Definitely not sexual abuse.
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What movie was it?

The movie probably was the thing that aroused him. But a well directed sex scene can be super erotic. Anyway, he tried it on, you said 'no' and he went and took care of matters himself. Not abuse.

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