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NightRogue 3rd January 2018 3:16 PM

Should I forgive this person or not?
So back in HS, there was this guy who was part of my "friend" circle and he did a lot of uncool things like making gross incest jokes about me and my brother, spoiling star wars for me just because he felt like being a dick and he even stole money from me once(20 dollars) and got mad that he got caught. After HS ended,there was a group chat and since he was friends with people I know, he was part of it(like a year ago). There, he once said just because I don't like those incest jokes doesn't mean he isn't going to talk about it, which shows he didn't show remorse and a few months back, he made one again. This time, I didn't tolerate his bullying and I stood my ground and instead of apologizing, he just ran away and said he's ok with being a dick or something and he even called me a dick for standing up to him. Later, I told him I was pissed off at the mean things he did and he said it was fair and he saw sorry. However, he later once said 'yeah, I'm an ******* who bullies the f*ck out of people, just like everyone on this chat', which tells me that he didn't really feel remorse at all. But recently, he said he realizes how much of a jerk and a bully he was to me and regrets making those incest jokes. So, I'm conflicted on whether or not I should forgive him as I feel like he's done too much stuff and it's too late now and he hasn't really done anything to earn my forgivness. What do you think?

throwaway2k17 3rd January 2018 3:40 PM

Toxic. Cut ties. Walk away and let him soak up and cringe at his immature actions a year or two down the line.

Gaeta 3rd January 2018 3:43 PM

He has not learn a lesson in such a short time, block him.

Reconsider forgiving him if he comes back to you in 20 years with a real heartfelt apology.

Zahara 3rd January 2018 3:54 PM

You can forgive him within yourself, if you want but that doesn't mean you have to be in contact with him or allow him into your life.

avgjoe 3rd January 2018 5:35 PM

I am actually quite confused as to why this dickwad has any relevance at this point in your life for you to be spending even a second of your day on whether you should forgive him or not. when you are young, fine you are "forced" into being grouped with such dbag, but now that you are adult, you have complete control over who you choose to interact with. can you just regard him a pile of dried up dog turd and move on with your life? I mean if you are still placed in a on/offline social settings where he is there, can you just simply choose to ignore him? So he knows he's being a dick but actively continues that behavior. some people grow up waaaay too slow. in the end, it's his loss.

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