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Old enough to sleep with but too young to date

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Old enough to sleep with but too young to date

This has been bugging me for some time now.

I'm finding I'm attracting women who are older than I am by 3-8 years. I have no problem with this because they seem to have their priorities in line, and I want that in a woman.

I've known this gal for about 4 years. We used to work together 4 years ago and got to know each other as work acquaintances. We were both in serious relationships at the time, but I found her attractive and we both had a similar sense of humor. I leave that job and run into her a couple years later at a bar to catch up.

Fast forward to present day...I find out she's 7 years older than me. I'm 27 and she's 34. Both of our relationships went sour and we've been consoling each other through sarcasm and alcohol therapy for almost 5 months. Sexual tension follows and we both go for it only to chicken out later. We're both very dirty minded people so this came as a complete suprise. I think it was just too early for both of us to try to get involved physically.

Eventually we have at it and it was great. I got a little rough by accident due to drinking too much and not realizing it. She ended up loving it and I did too. We hang out some more and everything happens again.

We start talking and she says she hates being single and I ask what she thinks our fiasco is about. I teasingly tell her I think we're just using each other and she laughs and tells me I'm too young to date, but on the flip side, I feel that from a maturity standpoint we're pretty even keeled. I kid her that she's raping me and we exchange a couple more jabs. We're both very sarcastic. She flat out tells me that she's been waiting for that tension to end for 3 years.

I've been hanging out with her older friends and we all have a good time on a regular basis. So my question is to anyone who's been in a similar situation, if you're old enough to hang out with and sleep with, why is dating an issue?
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I dont know how to say this gently but you might be a boytoy for her.
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