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weird behavior in a friend

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weird behavior in a friend

]A guy that I thought was a friend and I have been in contactfor years. I see him occasionally, butnothing big. He has been a littledistant lately that I interpreted as one thing that I found out was somethingdifferent – he was in a serious relationship with someone.

Looking back I see that he was picking fights with me onpurpose. I asked him to do somethingwith me and when I told him I wasn’t going to take no for an answer (he keptsaying he had been under a lot of stress) he blew up at me and told me he didn’t have time. When I replied to him by saying it wasn’tthat he didn’t have time for going out it was that he didn’t have time to goout with me because his priorities were different (and that it was okay to tellme that), he got further angry with me and said it wasn’t true. We had plans to get together a few months later and he skipped out on those and I haven't heard from him since. It wasn't until later I found out about the relationship, and not from him

I understand that this guy has a problem communicating. However, why would he deny the truth when itwas handed to him on a silver platter? Iput the truth out there for him and all he had to do was say yes, our friendship is not a priority anymore, but he turnedit back on me like I was the bad person. I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t take the opportunity when it washanded to them. Now he continuesto ignore me and I am frustrated because he blames me and I did nothingwrong. He blames me for assuming things,he gets angry when I assume the truth, but he is too cowardly to speakdirectly about what he wants from me.

I can see that our friendship is not important to him, however, I feel like it shouldn't be seen as a threat to his current girlfriend and I am genuinely happy he is in a relationship with someone. Why would he think he needs to hide that from me, why would he handle the situation so strangely, and why would he distance himself without telling me why especially when we don't communicate frequently enough for me to really know when he is just busy vs. not wanting to speak anymore? I'm not a threat to this girl at all, so continuing a friendship should not be a big deal in her eyes.
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