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Is she hiding something

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Is she hiding something

What does it usually means when she won't allow you too see he text messages? She says to trust her but I don't understand what the big deal is when I looked over really quickly she took the texts away and i saw the name and it was some guy that she works with and the had a fring in the pass but I'm over it, she did tell me that he is having problems with his girlfriend and said it's none of my buisneuss. I have no problem having her go thru my phone cause I have nothing to hide.

I also wanted to add this, she told me I'm nOt giving her the space she needs and she enjoyed having the space she had when we were on break. BUT she's the one always asking to hangout and I make sure if she really wants too and she says yes. I tell her to go hang out with her friends all the time. She also said a little bit ago that I was acting weird so I called her and she said she got annoyed that I said "gonna go pick up some bros" cause she was going to the mall but I was joking... Then she got home and said maybe we shouldn't hang out and I told her okay but then she says I do I just want some alone time. I said that's fine and told her to tell me that in the first place instead of making a big deal about it
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If she won't let you see what's in her phone then there is a pretty good chance she is hiding something. I'm not saying she's cheating on you, but there is deffinatley something she doesn't want you to see.

My boyfriend keeps his phone on silent all the time, and its always face down when he's with me. I've told him how it makes me feel like he's hiding something but he disregards it. He is with me everyday so I know he's not seeing someone else, but it makes me feel uneasy because I leave my phone laying around, face up, ringer up...because I don't have anything to hide. He's told me before that he has female friends and that they aren't important if they happen to call or text while he's around me. It just leaves me wondering who he talks to when I'm not around but I can't prevent it so all I can do is just put my trust in him.

All you can do is trust her. Whatever she's hiding, its probably to protect your feelings and doesn't want you acting the fool if you find out who she's texting.
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Thanks for you reply back, it's really weird cause she does the same thing she places her phone screen down and puts it on silent and she's never dome it before.
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Hey My Current GF did this same behavior..

I particular remember once we were watching a movie together and i picked up her phone to check the time.. You should have seen her reaction.

Trust your gut man.. I would have to say yeah she is hiding something that she knows she shouldn't be doing.
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Probably only she knows why she reacts the way she does. Similarly only you know why you do what you do and feel. Ask her if you like. She might be getting flirty texts from this guy. She might be enjoying them. She might be sending them. She might be in two minds what to do about them, you, him etcetera. You can make your position known, your feelings felt, your wishes clear and, generally, if you speak from the heart and don't let fear get the better of you, you'll feel good whatever the outcome.
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Text messages nowadays are like recordings of phone calls. They are private communications. I think you need to respect her privacy in terms of texts. If she's loyal, there's nothing to worry about.

However, you mention passing that you were "on break." It's possible while you were on break that she struck up a flirtation or two. Your best strategy is to take your GF at face value. If your conversations are intimate and she is loving and caring toward you, I would focus on that. But if she is distracted, texting a lot while on dates, or unavailable to talk, you may have trouble on your hands.
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