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My Boyfriend has become distant towards me

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My Boyfriend has become distant towards me

So I have been going out with my boyfriend for a year and a half.. recently he's become more and more distant towards me. It started off that he stopped touching me, and stopped kissing me. When i asked him why he said it was'nt the real him. Then i noticed he was lying to me about stupid things. He would lie about the fact he was drinking, and when he had left me home he would send messages to friends to come have drinks, while telling me he had went to his bed. When i confronted him about this he said that he feels like he cant do anything he wants to do and he feels like he has to lie in order to keep me sweet.
Now he's been making excuses as to why he cant meet up with me, and now he's always meeting his friends and it feels ike ive been totally shut out of his life. I love him so much but It feels like he does'nt want to be with me anymore and like he doesnt find me attractive anymore. I think hes going off me what can i do? HELP
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I had this experience but with my girlfriend she was hinting all the time, I know she cared for me too much to break up with me but wanted me to do it. I eventually caught on to the hints and enough was enough. She became distant and didn't really want to see me, when we was together we didn't talk much like we used too, it happened over the last 6 months but the last 3 months was terrible and obvious, in the end it dragged out and had to be done.

To me it looks like he doesn't want to be in a relationship anymore. I would talk to him and break up with him, I know it will hurt but you don't deserve to be treated how you are right now, want yourself to be happy and maybe further down the road find somebody great who really cares for you. I wish you all the best. Keep active on this site, it will keep you sane.
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thanks for the reply but did you feel like you could'nt let go? because thats how i feel at this point. i always blame myself even though i know in my heart its not my fault. im the affectionate girlfriend. i know it may seem far fetched but in my head he'll change back over time
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why can't you let go? What are you holding on to? You can't keep this running on your own.

I'd test it.

Go completely silent for a whole week. Don't contact him, don't text, e-mail, MSN, facebook or anything. Leave him completely alone.

On of two things will happen:

He will contact you to see what the matter is, whereupon you can tell him the hints he was dropping were too loud to ignore,


He won't contact you at all, which will mean he thinks you've finally got the hint.

Good luck....
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