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My Ex started sleeping around after our breakup.

Second Chances Called it off but doubting the decision now? Someone wants you back? Let us know about it!

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Post My Ex started sleeping around after our breakup.

my boyfriend and I broke up 6 weeks ago and he has got with 2 girls since. We lived together in an apartment so things were pretty serious. I really felt something special for him. We did have our future planned together. Since the break up I have given him space and had the no contact rule for 4 weeks. He has since messaged me everyday and called me. However, he is still meeting up with a girl saying its just a friend but is one of the 2 girls he got with. He is being honest now when he goes to meet up with her. Im not sure if i should go back to him. He wants to meet up everyday. I want to give him another chance. Im just not sure if hes still into me anymore because he has found other women. Please help.
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If you havenít spoken to him for 4 weeks then he may very well think that youíre done with him. Sleeping with other girls likely means absolutely nothing to him and itís his way of dealing with the break up. Did you dump him? If so thatís a huge confidence hit.

As I said, he likely thinks that youíre never coming back so heís trying to get over the hurt of that. Iíd say that it would be extemeley unlikely that heíd sleep around if he thought that you guys could rekindle what you had. Message him, meet up & see where things go from there.
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Why would you want to go back to him? Who broke up with who and why? And why do you allow him such frequent contact with you?
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Him sleeping with other women has very little to do with how he feels about you. They were probably just sex; he used them to make himself feel better because he was in pain from the break up.

You need to be honest with yourself here. Do you know why you two broke up? Has that issue been resolved or can it be? If not, there is no sense going backward to something that wasn't working.

You are also going to have trust issues here. You see these other women as a betrayal & you don't approve of how he grieved the loss of your relationship.

The fact that is still talking to at least one of these women who he slept with & lying, trying to convince you she is just a friend is the bigger problem. If he was serious about reconciliation there would be no other women that you could see. He's hedging his bets which tells me he is not fully committed to reconciliation.
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