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Stolnyigrad 6th February 2018 5:00 PM

Almost a year after she rejected me, she kissed me, but what now?
I have some history with this girl, we were really close for almost half a year, but then she said she sees me just as a friend, even tho we were cuddling, holding hands and so on a lot, but we weren't oficially dating. Then I stopped talking with her for like month, but started again, because I just care a lot about her, but I wasn't initiating conversations with her, I was just responding to her text messages and she was texting me a lot.

Now it's almost a year since she told me that and we were on party, she got little drunk, approached me, and told me that she's really sorry for what she said, because she wasn't sure about it since I would be her first guy, asked me if I still like her and then we kissed and we were hugging for pretty long time.

Then she went back to her friends and when I met her again she just told me that she needs to talk with me when she won't feel so drunk, but when she approached me again she didn't say anything and we just went dancing, then she hugged me and went home.

After the party I texted her that it's all up to her if she wants to be with me or not and she answered that she's not ignoring me, but she just has to think about it. It's been three days since she wrote that and I still have no response, should I wait or text her? Do you have any similiar experience? I'm not really expecting that it will end up well, and I don't really mind that since it was very unexpected and I'm over her already, but it would be nice if we would at least try it, because I really enjoyed time with her.

lolablue17 7th February 2018 4:07 AM

It's very tempting, ego boost and all that... but it's not the best position to get into a relationship. When you were texting her that it's all up to her, you put her in a responsibility position and in a dilemma mode. She wanted fun, you offer her serious talks.

She made a move, you should have collaborated vagualy, and letting her do the rest of the job, until she gets you. But you offered yourself too quickly, too obvious, so now "she has to think".

Psychlogical researches point that when you put people in a dilemma, they might remain trapped in this dilemma long after they took a decision. It means that even if she says she's into you, she might change her mind in 1-2 weeks, back and forth.

Not all girls are like that. She, apparently is.

preraph 8th February 2018 8:51 PM

Look, she was just drunk and wanting some attention, but sober, she isn't very interested in you. It's a sad fact. Has to think about it? She's had a long time to be attracted to you or be your girlfriend if she even halfway wanted to. I'm sorry. I think she was just drunky and seeing if you still worship her. It's good for the ego, you know.

Cephalopod 9th February 2018 12:51 PM

She's a flake. Keep flakes out of your life. Stop talking to her and find a decent girl.

d0nnivain 9th February 2018 1:28 PM

How old are you two? If your ages still have the word "teen" in them, she's scared, she's confused, she may not know her own mind. She probably likes you but doesn't know if she wants to be part of a couple.

If she's older then 20, she's too much of a mess to bother with. Continue to respond if she reaches out & you want to but assume she will not get her act together in a timely manner to be a in healthy relationship.

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