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Is it worth me contacting her?

Second Chances Called it off but doubting the decision now? Someone wants you back? Let us know about it!

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Is it worth me contacting her?

I know the default is "No Contact" but, I could do with some advice anyway.

I dated a girl (#1) a few months earlier this year and fell in love. There was an instant chemistry and I believe she felt the same way, however I let her go because she still had unresolved issues from ex's that mistreated her and it started to have an impact on our relationship. At the time, I said I was open to reconciling down the road if these issues were no longer present. Not too long after I met a girl (#2) and started dating her. We had a lot in common and she was a great person, so I went with it much sooner than I would have liked for fear of missing the opportunity. Girl #1 did get in contact at some point to say she missed me and would send my stuff back, which resulted in a somewhat heated exchange, with her telling me she didn't want to get back together and me telling her that I was seeing someone else. End of contact.

A few weeks back I ended things with girl #2 as it simply wasn't working out (my heart wasn't in it). I do intend to take the time to heal and process all of these events, but I still feel very strongly about girl #1 and would still rekindle our relationship given time and only if the circumstances were right. I've been NC, but today feeling a little lonely I did ask a friend to check #1's social media to see if she was with anyone else. She's not according to social media, and still has our pictures up. It's also been two months since our last contact and I haven't received my belongings.

I've contemplated sending one last message to inform her that I've stopped seeing the other girl as it didn't feel right, and that I would like my stuff back before the end of the year. Needless to say I'm just trying to figure out where her head is at (since she has our pics up, and she wouldn't have got in contact as I was dating #2) and if there's chance of reconciling.

Thoughts? I want to stress that I will be taking a break from relationships even if this girl does express interest in getting back together, but I feel as if I need to do this now rather than later.
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You have to contact her if you want your stuff back. But I don't see reconciliation as a possibility. First you have no reason to believe she is over the EX who caused you two to break up. Second, you have stated that you will taking a break from dating even if she wants to get back together. What are you going to do, talk her into taking you can & then say, just kidding, I'm not interested? Third & most importantly during your heated exchange, she said she doesn't want you back.
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