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Ex made contact after 1 month. Did I handle it well?

Second Chances Called it off but doubting the decision now? Someone wants you back? Let us know about it!

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Ex made contact after 1 month. Did I handle it well?

TLDR: My ex messaged me after a month of No Contact. I replied, cheery but brief. I want her back, but I hope I haven't missed my window of opportunity. Did I act too fine? Will she message me again?


My ex and I broke up about 2 months ago. She (25) and I (23) were together for almost 2 years. Things were going really well, travelling together and knew her family well. But over a few days being quietly upset about something, she broke it to me that she felt we were moving into the 'next stage' of our relationship, that I was someone she could see 'being with for a long time', but was worried if we stayed together she would 'never know what its like to be single'. She has been in 2 relationships back-to-back since she was 19... I understood. We broke it off.

I've been upset, depressed, angry, feeling a lot of grief. But the past month has been ok. I think about her a little less every day, and I know she is probably thinking about me a little less too, which scares me. She has been hanging out a lot with her friends, meeting new people and gaining a lot with her career. I have been hanging out with old friends, working on my studies, and exercising again.

We hadn't spoken at all in about 5 weeks. I heard from a friend she has been sick recently and bed ridden the last couple of days. That's when I got a message from her: 'Hey, how are you? What have you been doing?'. I told her I was really good, that I was relaxing, then going to meet some friends so I had to go. I think she wanted me to ask her how she was, but I didn't. I thought I should keep our interactions short and sweet. I wanted her to know I was busy and doing just fine. (I'm not, really)

Part of me thinks she just sent the message because she is sick and feeling a bit lonely, maybe coming to me for emotional support. As far as I can tell this is the most she has slowed down on partying and socializing since we broke up - perhaps she's finally processing the break up? Could she be having second thoughts, or is that wishful thinking? All of our mutual friends think she is making a mistake and having a 'quarter-life crisis', but she has avoided most of them since we broke up.

Was I too blunt with my messages? I was friendly and enthusiastic, but I could tell she wanted support and I didn't give it to her. I don't really feel bad about it, because she has caused me a lot of pain, but I can't help thinking I missed a chance for her to start a conversation about us. Should I respond to any messages unless it's clear request for reconciliation? What if she doesn't message me again? I want to be with her, but I know she needs some time to think this stuff over. I don't want to wait for her, but it's hard to avoid her or think about her when we have all the same friends and interests. What can be done?


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She's bedridden, bored and looking for conversation partners while she's down. Keeping it brief was the right thing to do.
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Originally Posted by springy View Post
She's bedridden, bored and looking for conversation partners while she's down. Keeping it brief was the right thing to do.
I really think you handled it perfectly. If she cares and is ready to move forward with you, she will say it-especially as the one who got the breakup going. It's normal that people miss each other at points. Hopefully that will be the overriding feeling she gets but one message--nah, don't jump at that. Goodluck
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You did great. Why is that ex's think its OK to contact you after a lengthy time?
Now you need to BLOCK her number. If she wishes to contact you she will find a way.
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