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How I got my ex back.

Second Chances Called it off but doubting the decision now? Someone wants you back? Let us know about it!

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Originally Posted by donotmicrowave View Post
CautiouslyOptimistic: Forgot to add that if they come back, have changed, you have changed, life has changed and you both feel like starting a NEW relationship, I believe in that. It's just not something to wait for. If it happens then it happens!
I've done this and it blew up in my face even worse than the first time. I guess that influences my firm belief that an ex is an ex for a reason! I'll never again reconcile with an ex. Ever.
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Originally Posted by Blanco View Post
I think threads like this, while nice stories, are not helpful for the majority of the people here. There's a lot of people here going through breakups; breakups they didn't want. And they're looking to any and every little thing to cling on to that gives them hope that their relationship is not done for good. But the truth is, usually it is. Most of the time, that isn't a bad thing in the long run.

To the folks going through an unwanted breakup: Please understand that these stories are the exception to the rule, and you'll do yourself more harm than good hoping against hope that you too will be one of these exceptions. Do your future self a favor and accept that your relationship is most likely done for good and that you cannot truly heal until you accept that.

I didn't want my break up either. The only thing I advised here was to never look back and move on with your life, you can clearly read that. I did not title my post "How to get your ex back", it's about my experience with no contact and as I've clearly stated in the post itself, I suggested to never do no contact to get an ex back, and to never sit around and wait for them.

If anyone (including you) takes it the way that "Oh I should to this to get my ex back", that is not what I suggested. That is just the way you want to see it.

Why have to bend my story into a different one, when it obviously wasn't advising to A) even think about getting your ex back B) wait for them or C) not think your love story is always an exception.
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