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messy situation

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messy situation

My girlfriend and i broke up 3 months ago and this is a weird situation. she comes froma messd up family and she has had togo through a lot her mother had cancer she found her father laying their from a heart attack and he is really mean to her. after 3 1/2 years she calls me crying her eyes out and it took me three hours to break up with her. she said i was so great for three years and so was her dad before they got married, she had been feeling this way off and on for two months, and then couldn't take it anymore. there was no one else or nothing like that she said, she is so confused she said. finally i said we are going to go our own seperate ways and she started cryingmore and was like your my bestfriend.
this is where it gets good, i was the first person she slept. i didn't know what happened so i called her and i finally got her emotional enough to talk to me it was stuff like it doesn't seem like you like anyone anymore, and all this stuff. and i was like i'm not like that. after three weeks it hit me, i did start to act like everything she said. then we met at a park i asked her if it was someone else again and she said no its nothing like that. so i started talking and the more i talked the more i remembered how i was acting, and when i was done i was like is that it and she was like yes, anything else no. i said obviously i have stuff to work out and i was going to ask her out again. and she said that sounds like something that could happen. well finally i went to a doctor and had been suffering from post traunatic stress disorder for over a year and that turned into depression, it was quite a shock but as i went throught the information it made a lot of sense and everything she said was right there. that was a month after we broke up she already started to date one of her brothers friends and is now drinkning everyday, and she is having even worse problems then before all her friends no that this guy isn't right for her as soon as she walks away he is trying to make out with other girls she doesn't believe it. we went through alot 3 of my friends died while we were together and her grandmother who was her bestfriend died to. before that 2 of my friends died i tried to keep her away i told her our first date it was alot but she went ahead anyway. i wrote her a letter with the information attached telling her how sorry i was and taking responsibilty, and letting her know i understand how she felt, i neglected her, like her parents did, she said i didn't think you wanted to be with me. i told her thank you for all she did for me, 3 days before we broke up she was still trying to make me happy but it wasn't happening. i told her i can't wait but i will always be waiting i was really messed up i didn't talk to anyone but her i couldn't see my friends and at the end i could barely be around her. my problems are resolved and i am back to my old self but better than before, we haven't spoken in 3 weeks at all we have classes together and she stares at me then when i look she looks away, her friends say as soon as someone mentions my name her eyes light up and she gets a big smile on her face. even with my problems and i was a disaster i drank and smoked apparently self medicating, we both thought we were going to get married and after we broke up i said i thought becasue of all that happened to me and her that we were suppose to be together just so we had each other and she said i thought the same way. i miss her i love her but ijust got my life back and am doing all sorts of things but she is doing things i know she doesn't like and everyone knows this guy is going to hurt her. we didn't get into any fights, we agreed on everything, having both been through alot we understood each other, she should have left me sox months before i definetly changed drastically but she kept trying. i don't talk to her but everyone said she changed a lot even people that have known her a long time, she is fought with this guy more in a month and a half then we did in 3 1/2 years its really messy and advice would help its a really hard way for both of us to lose each other i am ready to move on but i don't know what to expect
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Hi! Can you edit your post to put paragraphs in it so it is easier to read, please?
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