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Ex's girlfriend/my ex-friend wrote an apology letter, what 2 do?!?!

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Angry Ex's girlfriend/my ex-friend wrote an apology letter, what 2 do?!?!

I know yall dont wanna read a long story, so imma try and make this quick. Alright, I dated my boyfriend for 2 years. Everything was good, but then I had to move overseas. We decided that we should continue to date while i was overseas so we did for about another 5 months and then I went back to the states to go visit him for a month, this was in the summer of 2003. Then I came back in August and thought everything was fine until he broke up with me becuase he thought the distance was too hard on him (this was in sept 03'). So we broke up and i heard that he was dating one of my friends that lived in the city still. I had talked to her and she said that it was nothing special like they weren't even together. So, I did the no-contact stuff with my ex for about a month and finally he called me and told me how much he missed me and blah blah blah. I was so happy that I totally forgot that he was still with my former-friend. From then on, which was in October 03', I would call him all the time to talk and things were going good for a while, then I kinda got sick of waiting for him to come around. He would tell me that he now realied that we were suppose to be together and that the girl that he is with is kinda like a substitute until I get back there to see him. But later on he would say stupid things to piss me off like "oh, today I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life." and "Yeah i think imma go to college in kansas", knowing that I am goign to college where he is just to be with him.....I was so mad that after that conversation, I just decided to stop calling him. So now, 5 months later, I haven't spoke to him. I actually tried to call him just a few weeks ago but he was at work. I am not even sure if he ever found out that I had called.

So, my former friend that stole my boyfriend from me just recently wrote me an email apologizing for all the **** she did to me, and she's telling me how she never should have done it. I am guessing she says this stuff because she's knows that when I see her again, there will be a confrontation. So I wrote her back and said that we will just talk about this in person. I will be in the same city as my ex in about a month. I really really miss him and I wanna talk to him. Do you think it would be a good idea to just ask him out for lunch when I get there, if he isn't still with the girl?? Or should I call him now just to see how he is doing and all even know it has been 5 months. And what should I do about the ex friend. I don't even know if she is still with my ex. should I ask her. I don't think I wanna know. Well if there is any help or advice anyone can give me, it would be greatly appreciated. thank....
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I don't know how you feel about someone telling you they have a substitute girlfriend for you while you're gone, but it sounds really cold and heartless to me. That would have been where I'd have drawn the line. What makes this whole situation really sad is while this guy was having a great time back home with your ex friend, you were sitting there overseas waiting on him. You could have been having the time of your life where you live now, and you could have met an even greater guy who would have treated you better. If it's been 5 months since you've talked to him, and he hasn't returned your call, maybe you should wait and if you're going to talk to him, just do it there in person. It's harder to lie to someone to their face than it is over the phone. Your friend couldn't be much of a friend if she stole your boyfriend from you after you left. I don't think I would want to be friends with someone like that. Maybe when you get back he will see you and fall madly in love with you again. But do you really want a guy who has to have a "substitute girlfriend" because you're far away, and he doesn't love you enough to be faithful to you? That sounds so wrong to me. You need a guy who is willing to be with you and only you no matter what the barriers are. You weren't out dating guys while you were away, why couldn't he have done the same?
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