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ex says i have anger problems.

Second Chances Called it off but doubting the decision now? Someone wants you back? Let us know about it!

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ex says i have anger problems.

my ex and i are attempting a reconciliation but my behaivour is pushing him away and im terrified.
we have been in a " dating" stage for the past 3 months, he said that he does not want to jump back into a relationship with me until he can see that i have changed. the things is though that i am on an emotional rollercoster due to the fact that we are still acting like a couple even though he is not commited to me, its been daily rejection for months now and this last week is has sort of got the better of me.

one minute i find myself all over him, happy to just be in his presence, the next i am begging to get back together, only to have him say that hes not ready and then i get angry and tell him that i can't do it anymore. then i find myself apologizing and begging for forgiveness.

i am demanding, clingy, moody and just wanting him to love me, he told me today that if i do one things wrong or ask to get back together that we will definately be over and never have a chance at getting back together.

he says i need to learn patience and fast. he told me that i am lucky that he is putting up with me and that i will loose him if i don't change.

i have trouble expressing myself with him because he puts me down and throws everything back in my face whenever i try to express my problems with him.

today i saw him, we tried to talk things through, we were meant to go have a date at "our" beach but he cancelled because he said he was tired. instead it was an hour and half of him telling me how immature i am and how i need to control my emotions. i got angry when he cancelled and upset , he told me that i need to grow up. i just don't know how to be what he wants.
i said to him well if i have all these bad traits why are you still here and he said that he loves me , but he wants to see me in control of my emotions and anger before we get back together. he tried to kiss me but i pulled away ( he said i did that out of anger) i was just devastated with what he told me that i was confused as to why he wanted to do that.
i need advice and fast
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