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new found anger

Coping Learning to deal with one's emotions and loss.

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Old 16th March 2019, 4:17 AM   #1
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new found anger

Its been a very rocky couple of weeks for me since my wife admitted her infidelity to me and while I've gone through the whole crying nonstop phase and i understand full well what is happening i'm still a bag of mixed emotions.

My Ex and i still live together as we already had plans of selling the house and moving to the countryside but now once the house sells we're splitting the money 50/50 and being very civil about everything else from possessions to child custody.

But today I really started disliking my ex, we still talk quite a bit (something she really didn't care to do while married to me) but now she seems more open to talking to me then before and keeps asking my advice in regards to what she did and even constantly asking if it hate her for what she did. I'm not sure what is going on inside my head right now but i'm stuck between feeling like i got friendzoned by my own wife and now she wants me to be like a mediator between her and literally everyone else cause she can't cope with what she has done.

But i think whats also leading to this is that she keep complaining about her new boyfriend to me while in the second breath praises him. But at the same time i get frustrated when she easily lets slide what he does over when i did the same thing. Like she told me during our marriage she won't be controlled by no one and yet this new guy is telling her how to dress, sit, eat and even sleep.

Sorry if this is bouncing everywhere but my mind is a jumbled mess right now trying to figure out why what would have gotten me the silent treatment is a perfect pass for this guy.
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No contact.

Why are you torturing yourself by listening to her talk about her boyfriend? Is she really that heartless, as to discuss her AP with her husband? Sounds as though she's a bit narcissistic.

Whatever her reasoning, you should not be listening to it. Communicate with her only when it pertains to matters of the divorce, or children if you have them.
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