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is it too late to start NC?

Coping Learning to deal with one's emotions and loss.

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is it too late to start NC?

well me and my ex girl broke up 3 months ago. it was hard to start the whole NC bit because we were in the same class twice a week. at first i would ignore her completely and blow her off. it made her very upset, then unfortuantly i gave in and became nice. during this time i wrote her notes on my feelings and such. i never called her, just would talk sometimes when we would come into contact. then i sent her reasons why i loved her...after that the next time i saw her she gave me a big hug and acted the same when she missed me when i didn't see her for a few days when we were dating, it was awkward. weeks later i wrote her some very very mean text messages that i regretted, she wouldn't speak to me. so i oppoligized like the puss that i am. i didn't want to talk to her after that, but she would come up to me and just start talking to me and would continue to ask me a tone of questions about me and my family and how we were doing. this might be because i called her mom on mothers day to wish her a happy mothers day. so school is out and she called me a few days after our last contact to wish me a happy birthday, but i ignored both of her calls. then she text messaged me and i didn't return. its been like 3 months since we broke up, is it too late to start this whole NC bit? did i already screw up by giving her letters on my opinion and texting her? should i call her on her birthday or holidays?should i contact her parents? or should i cut them all off completely?

i have changed a lot, (not for her but for myself, i stopped a lot of things that were the roots of my problems..aka drugs and alcahol), and i think she would enjoy me a lot more now, **** i do. but how can i show her with out contacting her?
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Nah, Its never too late!
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