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seen him for 1st time in 3 months and not coping

Coping Learning to deal with one's emotions and loss.

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seen him for 1st time in 3 months and not coping

its 3 months now since me and ex split up i have not had any contact off him i have sent him the occasional e mail but not had any replies so have not spoke or seen him since

well new years eve he came to place i always go every week we did not speak i did not want to make a fool of myself by saying hi in case he igmored me he was seen by my sister talking to a friend of his and she said it looked like he was talking about me cos his friend kept looking over and then later he was overheard saying he could not cope with this anymore and he left he was there again 2 days later again still no speaking between us it was great to see him again but now im struggling coping with things again cos seeing him reminded me of how nice things where between us when we were together i just wander why now all of a sudden he hasstarted coming in to where he knows ill be any ideas anyone please

thanks in advance
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God bless you, I know it's really hard but its one of those milestones that we all have to go through. the first time you see them again is crap but probably he is finding it hard too.

When you've been apart a while it's hard to remember the bad stuff so seeing the ex can be as nice as it is hard because you only remember how great you used to feel seeing them. I wish I could offer you something concrete to go on here but I dont. remember that part of you clings on to the hope that when you first see each other you'll fall into each others arms and be re-united but its not always like that.

Remember you don't have to dread the first time you bump into each other now because its done and however hard it was, your world didn't fall apart like you might have thought it would and that's because we can surprise ourselves. we're often stronger than we thought.

I hope you're ok...

I have an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it...
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Old 5th January 2005, 7:02 PM   #3
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i dont have to think of the bad times cos there were never any we were together 5 months and it was best relationship i had ever been in he made me feel so special you can read my other posts for full details

i did not really feel bad seeing him it was nice it was a lot easier than i thought really its just since then i miss him terribly
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