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My ex-bf emailed me just to tell me that he's now married with a newborn son.....

Coping Learning to deal with one's emotions and loss.

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My ex-bf emailed me just to tell me that he's now married with a newborn son.....

Please help me… I really need an advice right now…. Early this morning I checked my email and found out that my ex emailed me…. We had no communication for the past 3 years. He told me when we broke up that he is the type of guy who cuts off all communication lines after a break up. So I respected that and went on with my life although it was so hard because I deeply loved him…

But lo and behold he emailed me after 3 long years and told me that he is a married man now with a newborn son. He lied to me by saying that I called him up and I said hello but the phone connection was bad. He told me that it was great to hear my voice again. That was a big lie. How can I possibly call him up since I have erased his phone number from my cellphone years ago. And why would I call him up in the first place? I am not a pathetic and desperate woman. Maybe he made that up so that he can have an excuse to email me just to tell me all the details about how he got married etc. The email was long and very detailed. He told me that he really loved me when we were together. And the weird part is that he is expecting me to reply to his email. He told me to take my time in replying. I am not that stupid. Why should I reply?!

Of course I got hurt. I have been living my life peacefully and have moved on. Why did he have to email me? How can a man be so insensitive about a woman’s feelings? Did he deliberately do that just to hurt me? Was he just ego tripping? Have you ever heard of a man who can do such a heartless thing? I don’t know what to think.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I badly need your help. Thank you very much.
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ignore him. because once you start thinking about it, it will corrode your mind. ignore it, eish him congrats and keep it moving.

You know what my facial expression was when i heard my ex was getting married?

That's the look, like wf why are you telling me. it's 3 years later. so what?
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Hit delete.

He's looking to use you because somehow in his "new life," he is not happy and wants a sympathetic ear to pity him and relive a time of his life when he was happy.

Don't go down that path...
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The fact that you aren't really friends after the break means you are cut off of each others lives and him contacting you to deliver the news is just plain inconsiderate. I mean, what is his point in doing that anyway?

I agree with the posts above, just congratulate him and continue with your NC.
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